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3 Big Boy Toys

In these post I will show you 3 cool big boy toys.

#1. Underwater Digital Camera

Underwater Digital Camera

Most people like to dive or at least practice snorkeling and it is a shame to see beautiful things and not to capture them on camera. So if you like to explore the ocean, the see or even a pool you will need an underwater digital camera.

This underwater digital camera main features are:

  • waterproof
  • sand-proof
  • dust-proof and shock resistant
  • shoots photos and video
  • has face-detection and smile-detection
  • in-built flash
  • resolution: 3456×2580 pixels (9MP) , and interpolates up to 4032×3024 pixels (12MP)
  • LCD Display: 2.7” Colour TFT Display
  • bristles with myriad automatic shooting modes
  • 32MB of in-built memory

This camera is one of the gadgets everyone must have.

#2. 80’s Retro iPhone Case

80's Retro iPhone Case

The retro style is back in fashion. And if you want to transform your iPhone in a classic looking phone now you have the chance with the  80’s retro iPhone case.

This case is compatible with both iPhone 3GS and 4 and it combines the iconic look of an 80’s handset with the hi-tech specs of an iPhone. Also it will protect you iPhone against bumps and scratches.

#3.  Giant Hip Flask

Giant Hip Flask

This not tech gadget is really cool. The Giant Hipflask is made from Stainless Steel, holds over 3 pints and it was created especially for alcoholic drinks.

This simple gadget is really fun to use on parties.

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  1. OH MY! LOVE the retro iphone cover! My friend went to an 80s party and borrowed an old school cell phone (it was attached to a briefcase style carrying case with a long cord and was the biggest cell phone I’ve ever seen!). This would make a great gift for him and would be so hilarious. The flask, too, I’m sure. 🙂

  2. That hip flask is pretty awesome. It might pull your pants down if you’re trying to sneak it into the bar though. Haha. Doubles as a weapon of opportunity too!

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