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3 Funny gadgets

The gadgets are not only useful they are fun too. In today post I will show you 3 funny gadgets.

  • Chococlock


Chococlock is one of the funniest gadgets I’ve seen lately. You eat to much candies? The chococlock will solve you problem: it will give you one candy per hour.

This gadget works like an old cuckoo clock but instead of cuckoo it will give you sweets.

The Chococlock holds about 30 sweets, so you can be rewarded for your hard work for a delectable 30 hours. After which you can replenish its contents with a small rear chute, and look forward to 30 more hours of sugar-fuelled productivity.

The Chococlock uses 3 easy steps:

Chococlock Features

  • Light sensor gives option to deactivate clock in darkness
  • Cheat button allows chocolate access anytime
  • On/off Sound switch
  • On/off Chocolate delivery switch
  • Alert tone to remind to refill chocolate compartment when empty
  • Colours may vary

The price for this gadget is £19.99 and  you can find it at GadgetShop.

  • Coin Saving Jar

Coin Saving Jar

The coin saving jar is in fact a smart piggy bank. This gadget is an elegant solution for saving money.

Coin saving jar will count the coins inserted into the box and it will show you how much you saved.

The coin saving jar price is £14.99 and you can find it at GadgetShop.

  • iCoaster

For the ones who played with trains and railroads when they were little the iCoaster will bring super satisfaction.

This is a nifty self-assembly magnetic rollercoaster that mixes drops, jumps, stunts and loops (to use ‘coaster lingo) with one’s very own DJ choons. It’s a fusion of sight, sound and speed with extreme G-force, 21st century design and some rather splendid physics thrown in for good measure.

iCoaster Features

  • Exhilarating construction toy powered by magnetism
  • Stunts include a Magnetic U-turn, Trampoline, 360 Loop, Magnetic Bridge, 360 Spin, Helicoid Twist and Turn and the Jump
  • Build and rebuild: at least 10 possible ways to construct the iCoaster
  • Colours may vary

This gadget is very cool but the it is very hard to describe in words what it does, it is better to see the short movie from below.

This gadget cost £69.99 and is also available at GadgetShop.

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