3 Hot Trends in the Mobile And Tech Industry

The mobile space is heating up like no other in tech. Pick up any magazine or blog and you’ll see how popular and ubiquitous mobile is becoming. And it’s affecting everything from business to marketing to how we access information. The tech industry in this arena is the one seeing the most change when it comes to mobile devices.

Samsung Galaxy S IV

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If you run any kind of business and are wondering what are the hot trends in the mobile space, this article covers the topic and answers a few key questions. Let’s take a look at the trends below. Some of these might be new to you, while others you’re probably quite familiar with already. Regardless – share with us your thoughts below after the article.

1. Responsive Design 

The web is abuzz in this term and there’s good reason for it. Ever since the iPad and the Amazon Kindle Fire came out a few short years ago, everyone has gone mobile. Now consumers jump on their tablets to check email, surf the web, shop and more. The numbers on mobile usage are staggering and seem to only be on the upswing, especially when every Holiday season comes around. So for this reason alone, if you run a website or blog – it’s imperative that you get with the program and make your web property as mobile friendly as you can. When someone visits your site from either their tablet or smartphone, you want to make sure; they can easily and quickly access your site. If not, they’re off to your competitors site. Responsive design allows you to do just that.

2. Bigger Smartphones

It wasn’t long ago, that it was uncool to have a large sized cell phone. Now things have changed and phones are getting bigger and bigger. Case in point? The popular Samsung Galaxy 3 and the HTC One – all boasts screen sizes 5 inches or larger. And newer models like the Samsung Galaxy Mega pictured above is even larger at over 6 inches in diameter. Will this trend continue? Yes! we think it will and are already seeing this. If you look at new models of phones put out by the top three manufacturers, you’ll see they phones are bigger than last years models. The days of the “small compact phone” are over. With bigger screens, you get better picture for movies and videos – which let’s face it; is another HUGE long lasting web trend.

3. Apps Apps and More Apps

If we can see our screens better and access more sites and blogs better, then of course – the app marketplace is also going to be ever more popular. The iPhone might have revolutionized apps and made them the defacto on all new iPhones; but the (app marketplace) belongs to consumers now and they want more and more. It’s only a matter of time before every website and every retailer has an accompanying app to go with its other offerings. They can’t escape this even if they try. So bring on the apps and bring on the fun.

There’s no turning back mother time and the mobile trends mentioned above are indeed here to stay. Which ones do you foresee making the most noise and why? Tell us in the comment area.

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