3 in 1 DSi Game Selector

DSi-GameselectorDSI game selector


Another release from Blaze. The World’s First 3 in 1 Game Selector for the DSi!

This revolutionary new device is designed to clip perfectly onto your DSi consoles holding three of your favourite games which are quickly and easily selectable using a single switch action.

The built in game selection indicator allows us to see which game has been selected at a glimpse making the operation of the BLAZE 3 in 1 Game Selector simple and intuitive.


  • Choose between 3 DSi games at the flick of a switch
  • Holds 3 DSi Games
  • Built in Game Selection Indicator
  • The perfect for for the DSi console
  • Self powered – No batteries required

The BLAZE 3 in 1 Game Selector combines the practicality of storing 3 games, with the complete ease of selecting which one to play all wrapped up is a sleek stylish unit which compliments the look of our DSi consoles.

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  1. Nice DSi game selector. It is easier to change game. Nice innovation from Blaze.Maybe they can innovate some more.

  2. super device !! can i get the link to buy it and i need more technical specifactions

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