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3 Intriguing Uses for Your New Drone

Drones come in a variety of shapes, sizes and price ranges. As cost continues dropping and the popularity of the remote-controlled flying devices increases, more and more people are joining the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) craze. If you just got a new drone, you’ve probably enjoyed using it to get bird’s eye views high over terrain locations. However, many have discovered that the devices can be quite useful as well. Read on to find out some interesting ways you can use your new drone.


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If you are a farmer, you might use your drone to keep an eye on the function of irrigation equipment or the safety of livestock in pastures. Ranchers might also consider using drones to help herd livestock from one location to another. Equipped with infrared or thermographic cameras, UAVs can also monitor the health and wellbeing of crops. The devices can not only observe entire fields at a glance, but can also zero in on individual plants. Drones can quickly display the status of crops, which enables farmers to determine the exact location where extra water, fertilizers or pesticides are needed. Anyone operating a commercial lawn care or landscape business could use drones for a similar purpose. The devices might also be equipped with miniaturized sprayers to apply chemicals when and where needed. If an infrared camera would be useful to put on your drone, make a visit to a business like Infrared Cameras Inc.


While some hunting enthusiasts may be content trudging about in search of deer, antelope or other wildlife species, bringing drones into the picture might save a considerable amount of time and energy. Day or night, UAVs are more than capable of pinpointing the exact location of various elusive game animals. You need merely to record the GPS coordinates and venture to the destination.

Action Sports

Hollywood filmmakers used drones when creating “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and the “Wolf of Wall Street,” which enables cinematographers to capture amazing footage while standing on the ground. The same could be said for using the UAVs for action sports videos. Whether performing skateboarding, snowboarding or skiing stunts, a drone equipped with a Go-Pro or similar type of video setup could provide dazzling footage for your films. The crafts might also be used to record training or sporting events for later viewing.

Drones are now available as factory-made crafts or in DIY kits. Using a variety of materials, many hobbyists have also successfully constructed UAVs from scratch. In the next few years, the number of personally-owned UAVs flying community airspace is estimated to be in the millions. As the technology advances and more people own and fly the devices, the creative uses for these electronic wonders will also undoubtedly explode.

By Dixie Somers

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