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3 Reasons Why Your Company Needs A Technical IT Audit

In order to establish your company online, there are many elements to take into account if you want it to be successful. To start off with, you need a website that contains an effective design and that is optimized on and off page. You will also need to expand your presence on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, along with placing yourself firmly on the Google map. On top of this, you will have to create and consistently market your product/service via a number of effective internet marketing strategies.


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A professional technical IT audit will see an expert come in and give your website a complete rundown. They will be able to tell you what is working and what is not, what is missing and what needs eliminated. Furthermore, the majority of websites are never found due to a lack of search engine optimization. On page and off page SEO is an essential element of internet marketing, but it is one that most businesses simply do not understand. An audit is the first step in you gaining understanding of this and taking overall ownership of the situation.

It’s Ugly:

One of the most common issues with a company’s online web content is that it is just plain ugly. An IT professional will give you the tools to revolutionise the way the world sees your business. This will help to not only retain existing customers but it will work to attract new ones too. Think about it, nobody wants anything to do with an ugly, difficult to manage site.


Organisations are slowly realizing that merely purchasing or installing a firewall or intrusion-detection system will not secure their systems and critical data assets from external attack. They are realising that enterprise security isn’t plug and play, and those that continue to look at things in this overly simplistic way will ultimately incur even larger and often catastrophic losses. Information security organisations and audit professionals have the same goal: to see that mission-critical information is properly protected from unauthorized access and/or update.

Help You Understand Your Content:

By delving into your content and analytics a professional audit will be able to tell you what users think of your site. Analytics can help direct you by giving an idea about which sections and content users have been accessing. In addition, you can get to see what’s being avoided. By uncovering these trends, you are informed and able to start asking questions. Which content is being used? What needs to go? What patterns are developing? Are there types of language or content-types that should be eliminated or integrated more? Once trends are uncovered, message and graphic design choices can be made based on our findings. In some cases, a content audit will reveal that users have never accessed whole sections of the website. When patterns like this are revealed, you are able to move forward with a clear idea of what actions need to take place. It’s possible users don’t need that content. On the other hand, maybe they are just unable to find it. An audit allows you to create a user experience that works by providing the insight you need to make decisions based on real information rather than just guesses.

By Simon Cow. Simon is a British writer working out of Barcelona. He is also a content developer for Conosco – IT provider in London.

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