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3 Star Wars Gadgets That Every Fan Should Have

The Star Wars is one of the best sci-fi films ever made. Millions of people are loving this.

In this article you will find 3 star wars gadgets that every fan should own. Below you can find my favorite gizmos (there are hundreds of cool Star wars products on the market).

#3. Starwars Walkie Talkies

These are the coolest walkie talkies I ever saw. One features Darth Vader and the other and Storm Trooper. These can be used to plan an attack against the rebels. 🙂

The Starwars Walkie Talkies gizmos won’t break the bank. They cost £12.00 and you can get them from Wilko.com.

#2. Star Wars Mood Lights

Get the dark side into your bedroom or you man cave. This plastic helmet that emits a soft and soothing ambient glow which looks really cool.

This gadget is more expensive – £39.99 and you can get it from Firebox.com.

#1. Star Wars R2-D2 Metal Construction Kit

As a child I loved the R2-D2 droid. And building this little droid sounds like a lot of fun. This is a 3D puzzle and  in the end you will get a 3D model made from metal.

In plus this Star Wars product is cheap. It costs just £6.99 and it you can get it from TheHut.

The Star wars gadgets presented in this article will be a perfect gift for any Star Wars fan.

Which is your favorite Star Wars gadget? Use the comment form to let use know.

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