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3 Techy Gadgets To Help Step Up Your IPhone

It is hard to imagine returning to a pre-smartphone life. These pocket sized devices help us navigate the world around us, search for nearly anything imaginable, and share our lives with family and friends. Although still included in the name, these devices have become so much more than phones and are integrated into almost every aspect of our lives. One of the most popular smartphones of all time is the iPhone by Apple. Although great on its own, there are a few ways that you can step up your iPhone experience and generate even more utility with the device.

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Wireless Charging

We all know how much of a hassle phone charges can be. They are prone to breakage, easily tangled, and offer limited mobility. Places like Juice Pack Wireless by Mophie allow users to add wireless charging to their iPhone’s repertoire, while at the same time doubling as a protective case. If paired with a portable power pack, such as those designed by TYLT, you may be able to ditch plugging your phone into a wall ever again.


Another great way to step up your iPhone’s abilities is to pair it with a smartwatch. Apple sells its own line of smartwatches that pair seamlessly with their OS. There are, however, several other options that fall along a spectrum of pricing. A simplistic and affordable option may the Pebble smart watch. With this iPhone compatible smartwatch, you will be able to track steps, receive notifications, and control music from your wrist. It is an impressive way to stay in the loop without having to have your phone in hand.

Lighted Case

If you often find yourself snapping selfies to share with friends, then the LuMee phone case is an excellent case upgrade. The case was developed by a professional photographer and features high quality front and back facing lights. This case will give you the ability to take the perfect selfie, no matter what the lighting conditions around you may be.

The three tech items above are just some of the many available. The wonderful thing about accessories is that you are able to customize your device to your liking on any budget. They can also help extend the use of your phone and give you more bang for your buck. Whether you are looking to go cable free, stay in the know, or take better pictures, these gadgets will help you step up your iPhone usage.

By Kara Masterson

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