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3 Tools You Need to Make Spring Cleaning Easier!

One of the things I look forward to during spring, is the less colder weather. It also means that summer would soon follow at spring’s heels. Before we get to sizzling summer, we have to deal with a necessary event that we deal with on an annual basis–spring cleaning. So how do we gear up for this once-in-a-year intensive cleaning? Here are 3 tools you need to make spring cleaning easier and a little more fun.

Sonic Scrubber


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This may look like an electric toothbrush, but that is where the similarity ends. This nifty tool is a must-have when cleaning your kitchen tap. It also helps you rid of grease and grime that have stubbornly clung on your tile grouting. For those who are lazy about or hate scrubbing, the sonic scrubber will help you save time and effort as you go about your spring cleaning marathon.

Vacuum Cleaner


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Cleaning up after winter involves a lot of dust and I mean A LOT! If you want to get rid of every speck, invest in a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner model with no handles can help you clean every corner–even those that are way out of your reach. It cleans all types of flooring from tiles, carpets, rugs, hardwood, linoleum or vinyl. It even smoothly transitions from one surface to another, without stopping.

For those with beloved canines or felines, you can opt to buy models that are engineered with pet owners in mind. Those with allergies will also benefit from this type as the machine has special tools that will help remove allergens from the house–a bristle brush and a special pleated filter. The former gathers pet hair, lifting it up from the surface while the latter takes particles from the air even those as tiny as 3 microns in size. You can breathe easy as you remove mold, pollen, spores, dust mites, cat and dog hair, textile and carpet fibers.

Evriholder Slipper Genie


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If you’re wanting to let the kids pitch in during spring cleaning, this is the perfect incentive for them to help out. These slippers–which is available in men, women and children’s sizes–are not just for show or for comfort. All you need to do is to slip them on and they help you polish hard floors when you walk around your home. If you dislike dusting, this makes the chore a little bit more fun. You can pretend to glide across the floor like you’re skating on ice. Children will no doubt be fighting over who gets to wear these funky cleaning slippers. The microfiber soles collect dust, dirt and pet hair as you walk or dance around your house. You can shake off the dust before you clean some more. Best of all, you can wash these and use them over and over again.

You don’t have to dread spring cleaning. With these tools, you will get to finish chores faster and make them a little more fun. You’ll have an easier time convincing your family to help out, too!

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