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3D Hangman

3D Hangman

You have to wonder how much time some people have on their hands to sit there and think ‘Hey, let’s make Hangman a three dimensional game!’. Still, bless them for it, nutty as they are. The rules are exactly the same as they are for the traditional pencil and paper game, only now it’s considerably more satisfying when your opponent guesses an incorrect letter. For those of you unfamiliar with the original game, see below for the rules and mode of play. Instead of having to draw the scaffold and the man, you actually get to build them, and get to ‘Hang the man’. His head, body and limbs all attach to each other magnetically, so it’s both easy and fun to add bits for every incorrect letter guessed. Considerably more fun than the original, 3D Hangman is an absolute must – and it’s so easy to get into the swing of it (sorry).

Rules and how to play.

The object of the game is for one player to try and guess the word that the other player is thinking of. One player will think of a word and mark out on a sheet of paper (pad included) the number of letters in dashes like this _ _ _ _ _ _. The other now thinks of a letter, say ‘e’. If there is an e in the word, then their opponent will write in where the e is, _ e _ _ _ _. If there isn’t an e, then the first piece of scaffold goes up! For every letter guessed that isn’t in the word, more of the scaffold and the man gets built. The object being, obviously, to guess the word before you get completely hanged, or possibly hung.

You can have this for £9.99 – Approx USD $17.98 / €14.7

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