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4 Amazing Automobile Innovations

Automobiles have been around since the early 1900s, and they have come a long way in terms of comfort, power, and safety. Now there are built-in navigation systems, computers that can sense how close you are to other objects, and innovative designs that improve passenger safety. Take a look at four of the most amazing automobile innovations.

1. Crunch Zone Design


Image via Flickr by Jessica S.

The earliest cars had steel frames and small cabins. Now, cars have materials that crunch upon impact and they maximize space in the cabins. Some people complain about how much damage new cars take during a crash, but it is a safety feature. New cars crunch to absorb most of the impact instead of the passengers. In old cars, passengers would slam into the dash-board during a crash. Now, they gently hit an airbag and the front of the car crunches. This crunch zone design has become standard practice in new cars.

2. Automatic Parallel Parking

Parallel parking is one of the most difficult skills to learn as a new driver because you have to work in reverse and adjust your wheels based on the size of your car and the size of your parking space. However, some luxury cars are making it easier to park because of built-in computers that can turn the wheel at the right time for you with the push of a button. All you have to do is line the back of your car up with the back of the car in front of the space you want to park in. The car will take care of the rest for you. This innovation is popping up in Lexus cars and other luxury brands. It will probably go mainstream someday.

3. Voice-Activated Navigation


Image via Flickr by mroach

GPS is a relatively new piece of technology, but many cars now have an on-board GPS that you can activate with the sound of your voice. All you have to do is tell your car where you want to go and it will guide you with turn-by-turn directions. Navigation systems are pretty accurate because they track your physical location with satellites. That’s why they can make corrections to your driving directions if you make a wrong turn. If you’re interested in purchasing a used car with GPS, an auto dealer like www.drivetime.com can help you find the features you’re looking for.

4. Object Sensors

Another amazing innovation is sensors that prevent you from backing into objects or rear ending them. There are sensors on some cars that can detect how far away you are and how fast you are approaching. They will signal the brakes if they think you are going to hit something. This is especially useful for when you are backing out of a driveway on a busy road or there are lots of little kids in your neighborhood that are always running into the street. It isn’t fail-safe, but it does help in those split seconds of danger.

There are many cars to choose from, and not all of them come with the same innovations. Decide what features you want, your budget, and then start shopping. What are some of your favorite car features and extras? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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