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4 Android Apps To Enhance Your Rowing Workout Sessions

If you’re looking for overall fitness, you might want to consider rowing yourself to the pink of health. Yes, that’s right. Rowing is a great way to remain healthy and to maintain your overall fitness. The rowing motion works on several major muscle groups of the body which will help you develop your upper body as well as your lower body parts. Furthermore, it also keeps your heart and your lungs in good shape. Whether you are new to rowing workout, or even if you’re already an active rower, following are 4 noteworthy rowing android apps for your mobile device that deserve your attention.

License: Creative Commons Link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/25857921@N00/2860914477
License: Creative Commons
Link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/25857921@N00/2860914477



A fantastic free app powered by British Rowing, RowActiv is literally as good as having your own indoor rowing personal trainer. Whether you’re new to working out, or returning to an exercise program, or even if you’re already active, this great app will help you get the most out of your exercise while using the indoor rowing machine. No matter what level of fitness you follow, rowing is a great way to work out and stay fit. The app equips it users with useful video demonstrations, audio instructions, instructions on warm up routines, advice on good rowing techniques, and so on. You can also use the app to track your performance and training using RowLog, and even listen to your favorite tracks while working out – perfect!

Rowing BoatCoach


Whether you’re into competitive rowing or casual rowing, BoatCoach is one efficient app that will provide you with a wealth of information regarding your workout. For your convenience, the app displays an exhaustive list of measurements such as stroke rate, stroke count, distance, average speed, clock, speed of the last ten strokes, elapsed time, calories burnt, and heart rate! This is a great way to graph your workout and keep a tab on your performance. The app also shows you your location on Google maps and allows you to view other BoatCoach users, along with their stroke rate, speed, and so on – ideal for meeting up with other users for workouts. BoatCoach even allows you to share your workout summary with friends and family on social networking portals. Furthermore, while you’re sitting online, visit www.boatcoachapp.com to have a look at your entire workout history in the form of interactive graphs and charts. Overall, this is a great app for all your rowing workout needs.

Talos Rowing


Talos Rowing is yet another noteworthy app for rowing enthusiasts. The app helps you improve your rowing training and perfects your rowing techniques. This app which is packed with a series of helpful features, uses the accelerometer and the GPS sensors of your cellular device to display your stroke rate, speed, distance, split time, elapsed time, distance covered, average speed, stroke count, and much more!



ErgLog is another must-have app for all rowing aficionados out there. This incredible rowing app has been specially designed for users to track their Concept2 erg or ski erg workouts and then sync them with the Concept2 logbook. An extremely easy and handy platform to log your workouts, the app also allows you to track your lifetime and season total meters. If you are looking for some motivation to workout harder, you can even use the challenge feature of the app to track your personal progress against the Concept2 rowing challenges. All in all, this is a great rowing app that you won’t regret downloading.

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