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4 Most Expensive Gadgets Money Can Buy

Advancements in technology have made the human life much simpler and easier. There are many expensive gadgets available in the market .Latest versions will be released by upgrading the features in the existing one. Some of the best gadgets in the market are iphone5, Galaxy S3, Chopard watches, Xbox 720, Nintendo 3DS, Panasonic Lumix etc.

For example with the help of smartphone you can pay bills at your fingertips with the help of apps. App developers are launching many new applications that make the work faster than ever. some of the expensive gadgets are:

4 Most Expensive Gadgets Money Can Buy

Diamond covered iPhone 4s

This is the world’s most expensive smartphone. Diamond cover safeguards the phone from external scratches and bumps. Stuart Hughes, famous British jeweller introduced this handset which is made up of 500 diamonds. In addition to this, 53 more diamonds are present on the apple logo at the back of this device; navigation button is purely made by platinum surrounded by 7.4 carat pink diamonds. It supports 32 GB memory and available in limited editions. The heart of the phone is made of granite stone that weights 7 kgs. It costs $8 million. Buying the gadgets is not an easy task for the common man.

Luvaglio laptop

This is the luxurious laptop created by Luvaglio that costs $1million. It comes with a 17 inch LED display with an anti-reflective factor that offers the clear and brighter views. It is built in with a screen cleaning device and diamond jewellery that boosts the power button and does security identifications. Diamond encrusted body, solid state storage, Blu ray, MP3 player, USB port are some of the features of this expensive gadget.

Sony play station 3 supreme

Stuart Hughes created another most expensive device who wowed the world with Nintendo Wii Supreme. He now developed the expensive play station that weighs 1600gms made from 22ct gold. The disk loading part is covered by 58 flawless diamonds with 26ct. It costs $319,000. This gaming console follows a unique design which is made of diamond and gold that gives stylish look to the gadget compared to Nintendo. It is available in only three versions.

STAX SR-009 Headphones

It is the full size electrostatic headphone. It offers the best quality audio which has a high frequency ranging from 5-42000 Hz. It weights 56gm and withstand to the humidity temperature of 35 degrees. It offers a maximum sound pressure of 118db.

Its features are:

  • Diaphragm: this advance sound element is an ultra-thin film material which is thinner than any other plastics being made.
  • Electrodes: MLER electrode is designed to withstand the heat diffusion.
  • Enclosures: made up of lightweight aluminium material.
  • Headband: 10-click slider mechanism makes the device unique from others. It offers flexibility to the users to change its sliding positions.

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