4 Must-Have Gadgets For Every Coffee Connoisseur

Are you a coffee lover? Do your senses get blown away by the irresistible aroma of coffee beans? Coffee is an amazing beverage – the perfect drink for any mood. Whether you’re depressed, worn out, sharing a light moment with friends, sitting with your lover, watching TV, reading a book, or simply sitting by the window and staring philosophically at the world outside, a mug of coffee equals to quintessence. So if you’re a hardcore coffee lover who enjoys a steaming mug of coffee for every different mood, here are four amazing coffee gadgets that you must definitely have!

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Bodum Latteo Milk Frother

Bodum Latteo

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Do you like enjoying your morning coffee topped with dollops of creamy froth? If yes, you’ve got to go buy yourself the Latteo Milk Frother by Bodum! This is a fabulous gadget that will let you whip up delicious irresistible froth in as less as thirty seconds. The instructions to use the gadget are extremely easy and simple to follow. 0Just pop the jar into the microwave (without the plunger), heat the milk for a minute or so, and then plunge the milk to get some amazing froth for your cuppa! Yes, it’s literally as simple as that. No more fancy coffee making machines, steamers, or messy handle beaters – just get this handy gadget to whip up a delicious latte in no time!

USB Cup Warmer

USB Cup Warmer

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Do you fancy sipping a steaming hot mug of coffee while you work? Do you find it annoying that your coffee seems to cool down at a faster rate just when you would want it to last a bit longer, till you finish a little more work? Well, in that case, a USB Coffee Warmer or Cup Warmer would be the perfect gadget you might be looking for. With the help of this brilliant gadget, you will be able to enjoy and relish your coffee for a longer time. The gadget is USB powered so you need not bother about batteries and replacing them all the time – just plug the gadget into a USB slot and you’re ready to go! Simple, easy to use and unbelievably handy – with the USB Cup Warmer, you will always have a steaming cuppa to get you through all that hard work you do at office.

Shark Attack Mug


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If you’re up for some fun, and thrill while sipping your favorite hot beverage, this is one whacky, unique and extraordinary coffee mug that you’re bound to fall in love with! Imagine yourself sipping your coffee, and suddenly when you’re half-way through it, you find yourself staring at a shark with its mouth wide open – right inside your coffee mug! Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Well you’ve got to see one of these cups before you can actually believe it. The inside of this cup has the head of a shark in attack mode – ready to bite off your face. But hey, the fact that it’s just a molded shark made out of porcelain might bring your heart rate back to normal again.

The AeroPress


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Brewing coffee just got easier, faster, and simpler, thanks to the AeroPress – an ideal device for brewing coffee.  Using a simple procedure of using hot water and gentle air pressure, this incredible gadget can brew rich, delicious, smooth and filtered coffee in no time. Moreover, the gadget allows you to adjust the temperature of the water, as well as the water-to-coffee ratio if you feel like. Once the coffee and water are steeped into the brewing chamber for about 20 seconds, you are then ready to place the plunger on top and gently push it down till it reaches the bottom – that’s it. Your perfect cup of coffee is ready.

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