4 Tools To Recover Accidentally Deleted Files In Windows

Nowadays laptops are available at quite affordable prices, especially when there are discounts offered by many brand laptops, such as Dell coupons. Many users encounter different types of problems while using laptops. This article is written for those who have accidentally deleted a highly valuable and important document and the document is not longer in the recycle bin, which means that the document has been permanently deleted. If you are facing a similar condition then calm down and relax, your document can be recovered. If this has happened to you recently then you’ll be happy to know there are greater chances of recovering the file. Just don’t copy, paste, move or remove anything from your PC.


What Actually Happens When You Delete a File?

Once you delete a file in Windows PC then Windows sends the file to the recycle bin. After you empty the recycle bin, Windows permanently deletes the file. Files can also be permanently deleted by pressing shift+delete. Well, that is what you see and observe. Technically the file is not deleted and it is still available on the hard drive, no matter if you have emptied the recycle bin or permanently deleted the file using shift+delete. Deleting from Windows is defined as making the space occupied by the file on the hard drive available for other files. In the developers community this phenomenon is known as deallocating the memory or disk space. The file remains present on the hard drive, however, Windows deletes the link to it. Now whenever Windows needs space for a new file it can utilize that space.

This approach of deleting a file has its own advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that if you have accidentally deleted a file then you can recover it. And the disadvantage is that if you have confidential files then they are not deleted completely. Anyone can recover those deleted files through a data recovery tool. A common fix to this apparent deletion is file shredding. File shredding not only deletes the file but also destroys the content of the file so it can’t be recovered.

What Data Recovery Software Does At The Back End

There are many free and proprietary software applications available which helps us in retrieving deleted files. Nearly all these software applications follow the same technique. These applications ask you to specify the type of the file to be recovered, for example .doc, .docx, .ppt, .png or other file. They also ask you to specify the location of the file, name of the file and content of the file. After requiring all the necessary information related to the file, these software applications start scanning the hard drive to search for the file’s header (according to the extension specified), content, name and other things, to find the most nearest match. It then displays the results and asks the user whether to restore the file or not. Many software applications automatically find all the deleted files on the hard drive and list them down for the user.

List Of Data Recovery Tools For Windows

There are many recovery software applications available on the market. We will take a look at some of the renowned applications that are really effective and can recover the deleted files with great precision.


Recuva is a free tool that is very popular among the technical personalities. It is developed by the same developers who have created the famous CCleaner for Windows. It is quite good at recovering deleted files. Recuva, like other data recovery tools, asks you to specify the type of the files that are to be recovered. It then scans the hard drive and lists down all the files that can be recovered. It is also capable of displaying the thumbnail preview of the documents so we can have a preview of the image. This allows you to recover the desired image with a preview of it.


UnDeletePlus is capable of retrieving all those files that have been deleted but not overwritten in the hard disk. It has an intuitive interface that is easy to operate and navigate. It is quite friendly for novice users. Once it has listed down all the files that can be recovered then you can sort the results according to your needs and apply different filters to reach the exact match. UnDeletePlus is not only capable of retrieving files but it can also shred the deleted recoverable files to completely wipe them off the hard disk.


Restoration is another tool that can be used to recover deleted files. It is a portable application that doesn’t need to be installed on your Windows PC to work. It is a very old tool and less intuitive than UnDeletePlus, but it does the job quite well. It is also capable of retrieving files from formatted flash cards.


TestDisk is an open-source application for Windows, Linux and Mac, developed not only to recover the accidentally deleted files but also to recover the boot sector. It can fix the boot sector, FAT tables and MFT. It is also capable of searching the lost partitions. Besides all its great features, it has a major drawback. It is command-line based, therefore only meant for professional users. It is much more powerful than other tools since it is open-source software. However, only technical users can use this tool because of its lack of GUI front-end.


If you have just permanently deleted an important file, then don’t panic and leave your PC as it is, unless you know what you are going to do. Don’t copy, paste, move or remove anything from your PC. The first step is to download a data recovery software in the hard drive partition other than where the deleted file was last present and then start the application. This will help you in safely recovering the file.

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