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4 Ways Technology Continues to Change the Healthcare Game

There has always been a link between advances in technology and medicine. In fact, many of the breakthrough technological advances have come as mankind strives to improve their health and increase their longevity. The following are four pivotal ways that technology is continuing to change the healthcare industry.

4 Ways Technology Continues to Change the Healthcare Game

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Compiling Data to Assist in Diagnosing Patients

Some supercomputers are able to rival some of the greatest minds in the world of trivia. Now the same technology is being used to create computers that will be able to compile medical information from around the world. These computers will be able to monitor a patient’s medical history, couple that information with breakthroughs in medical research, and provide doctors with a list of treatment options.

Improving Doctor-Patient Communication

In the United States alone, it is estimated that more than 45 million people do not fluently speak the English language. This can be a problem for doctors when they attempt to communicate with their patients. Software is being developed that will allow doctors to speak into a computer, ask some basic questions, and then have this information transmitted to the patient in their native language. Technology such as this will allow patients who visit their dental office for example to communicate their cosmetic dental needs to the dentist even if they have a challenge speaking the English language.

One other modern form of improved doctor-patient communication is in a cloud-based platform, provided by companies like Solutionreach, that allows doctors to automatically message existing patients concerning their appointments, and lets patients access electronic bill pay and perform a host of other functions. Platforms like this take a load off the clinic staff and frees them up for other tasks.

Social Networking for Doctors

Social networking has revolutionized the way that people communicate with each other. The same technology is being applied to doctors, helping them work together as they provide care for their patients. Technology is being designed that allows doctors to collaborate online with difficult cases. Konstantin Guericke, as well as other leaders in the world of social media, has received in excess of $27 million in funding with the purpose of improving collaboration between doctors.

Helping Patients Maintain Their Health

There are many mobile apps that are being designed with the purpose of helping patients maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. There are pedometers that track a person’s activity. To encourage a person to engage in healthy activity, their activity is compared to others in an online gaming atmosphere. Other applications have been designed to track the amount of time that a person sleeps, examine their sleep quality, and offer suggestions that will help them to sleep better.

Technology is not only helping doctors improve the care they give to their patients, but it is also making interacting with the doctor a lot easier for patients. For example, if doctors are able to send diagnostic information from mobile applications, their patients will not need to travel to visit their doctor. The end result will be improved medical treatment for everyone.

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