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5 Advanced Technological Gadgets that Make Shipping Your Products Easy

Shipping products is always fraught with some risk. Goods that are damaged in transit and arrive in poor condition reflect poorly on your company. Nothing is worse than opening up a package to find it in piece, but luckily, there are a few carefully selected gadgets that can make packing and shipping your products easier. Many of these gadgets end up paying for themselves in the additional safety and protection that they offer your products during and after the shipping process.

5 Advanced Technological Gadgets that Make Shipping Your Products Easy

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Stretch Wrapping Machines

Stretch wrapping machines work to ensure that your products get packed securely and stay in place during transit. Using an automatic stretching system like the SIAT S.p.A. stretch wrapping machines will help make the shipping process easier by creating minimum of fuss and reduce the likelihood of damage during transit.

Tool-Based Strapping Systems

In addition to stretch wrapping machines, there are a variety of strapping machines that can help you pack your products. Several hand-held tools can be used for light to medium packing jobs. Plastic, steel and strap dispensers are portable and can be used in dynamic situations. There are battery, air-powered and manual hand strapping tools that can help you to quickly and efficiently strap products.

Automatic Strapping Systems

Strapping machines are intended for a wide range of applications and can be used to improve workflow in many industries. Automatic machines come in several formats: horizontal, vertical, bottom sealing and side sealing are the main types. These machines can be used to strap boxes and prepare products for shipping in the most economical and efficient way possible.

Shrink Wrapping

Shrink wrapping products allow a company to protect their products, and provide customers with the reassurance that products are original and unused. Shrink-wrapped products are ideal for keeping items secure during shipping and packaging products to be sold in retail stores and commercial venues.

Robust Shipping Scales

Companies need scales that connect to logistics software. This helps expedite the process of calculating shipping costs, and allows the shipping department to provide detailed information about the actual cost of shipping. With this information, a company can find ways to reduce costs and increase profits on the products they ship daily.


The type of gadgets you use can influence how effectively and safely ship your products. The cost of losing customers to inferior shipping practices is simply unaffordable. One loyal customer can make or break your business. Carefully managing your products and the shipping process can catapult your business to increasing heights and profits.

By Lizzie Weakley

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