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5 Apps to Benefit HR Productivity

Productivity means everything in the world of human resources. As an HR worker, you need to integrate the concept of productivity into every aspect of your life, and this includes before and after work. The iOS platform has enabled us to do so much. There are a range of different apps available for enhancing productivity. They all do it by tackling problems before they happen.


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Here are five of the best apps for boosting productivity.

1. Waze

The commute to work and back is a time of declining productivity. Heavy traffic sets us back for many long minutes. Avoid the traffic with Waze. It uses the cloud and integrates the latest traffic news into it. If there’s a major road traffic accident on a road, you will know about it before you cruise up to the back of the traffic jam.

2. Turboscan

Scanning important documents is one of the most time-consuming tasks in the office. This app turns your smartphone into a personal document scanner. All you have to do is switch the camera on and guide it over the part of the document you want to record. You can share your scan in person or by sending it to someone else.

This is the ideal app for recording receipts, remembering pieces of information, and showing contracts to people.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox is the only real option for cloud storage. Other competitors like Google have apps for storing data via the cloud, but they can’t compete with the easy-to-use Dropbox app. Simply drag and drop your items into the cloud and organize them as you please. Since this is the cloud, you can access your app from the computer or on the go. You also get a very generous storage limit free of charge!

4. LogMeIn

Some documents in HR can’t leave the desktop computer without breaking policies. This is especially true with sensitive information like personal and financial details. This doesn’t mean you can’t access them on the go. LogMeIn allows you to take control of your desktop computer from afar.

You can access documents held on your desktop from your smartphone. It doesn’t break any rules whilst providing you lots of flexibility. You should check to see if your superiors consider this ok. Some documents won’t be able to be accessed without breaching privacy rules.

5. Skitch

Skitch comes from the developers of the famous note taking app Evernote. As someone in HR, you’ll come across lots of images and text-based documents. You might want to leave your thoughts on one, but without a piece of paper in sight you’re forced to remember everything instead.

With Skitch, take a picture of the media source and write on it from your smartphone. It saves any annotations and you can refer back to them later. It’s handy for logging ideas and associating them with specific things.

You can also do some of your work whilst commuting to work. Even in HR you have to think of creative solutions to common problems!

Michelle Patterson has worked in human resource solutions for many years. She’s also worked with the company Sentric to deliver quality HR solutions. She recommends increasing productivity on the go to reduce stress and enhance the efficiency of the working process.

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