5 Apps To Help You Buy Your New Home

Buying a home is a great investment and one should go about it carefully. You cannot afford to make any mistakes with this purchase, which could be the greatest transaction of your life. Here is a look at 5 apps to help you buy your new home.

1. Wikihood


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This is a great app obtainable to home owners. This useful app is free and a wonderful source of information to assist home buyers. Wikihood lets you ignore the trickle from real estate agents by giving you exact answers about your nearness to local amenities like stations, shops and schools.

This app gives you knowledge that is only known by locals about any location in the world. It gets you all the relevant info of any region worldwide. The Wikihood app was designed particularly for mobile devices, and provides fast access to data by intelligently supplying you articles according to relevance, distance and popularity.

2. AroundMe

This is another app that can be used to collect info about your surroundings. AroundMe allows you to learn relevant information about your surroundings fast. Basically, it delivers solid insights about an area you are unfamiliar with.

The AroundMe app speedily identifies your location and allows you to pick the nearest gas station, bank, hospital, movie theatre, supermarket, restaurant, taxi and bar. It offers a list of companies in classes along with the actual distance from your position.

3. Domain Mobile

This is a great app for home buyers and it lets you search properties to rent or buy on your mobile device. This app for home buyers has been downloaded very many times and it is actually the most downloaded Australia assets app. The features of Mobile Domain include:

  • View recently sold properties
  • Search many properties across Australia
  • View property listings as well as photo galleries
  • Shortlist favorite assets to view offline and online
  • View asset listing on Google Maps
  • Call or email the agent directly from your smartphone
  • Email assets to your friends
  • Drag or drop assets to your favorites and list your preference order

    4. REA Mobile

This is among the apps home buyers should consider having and it is very fast. It has very many properties advertised on it and most users love that it can be rotated to see full screen property images. The features of this app include:

  • Search from your present location
  • Bookmark your favorite properties
  • Get directions to properties
  • Search properties to rent or buy and view their full details
  • View slideshow as well as full screen images
  • View slideshows of property images
  • Check out auction and inspection times and have them saved to your calendar
  • Contact real estate agents easily by email or call

5. State Revenue Office
While you might be thinking that this app is boring, you will definitely find it useful. It is the first application that allows Victorians to learn their claims in first homeowner benefits. With this app, you can find out if you are given the right to the First Home Bonus of Victorian Government, the Regional Bonus and the FHOG (First Home Owner Grant).

Jeff is always on the go helping first home buyers in Perth take the plunge and buy their own home. He keeps on top of his workload on the road by using apps and tablets and enjoys blogging about technology and property. 

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