5 Coolest Eco-Friendly iPhone and iPad Accessories

Now, when our Earth is becoming more and more polluted, making eco-friendly products is becoming really important. Some manufacturers try to make green devices (like most Nokia’s phones or Apple’s iPhones), others go further and make green accessories for those phones.

Here are the best and the coolest eco-friendly accessories for Apple’s iPhone and iPad I’ve ever seen. Check them out!

1. Bracketron Mushroom GreenZero

Bracketron Mushroom GreenZero is a cool energy saving charger. Most phone owners I know leave their devices charging overnight to get full battery in the morning. I also used to do this with my iPhone 4S, but then I noticed that something went wrong with its battery, and the guy from the repair service center said it’s because I overcharged my phone. So charging phones overnight isn’t really a good idea. And here’s when Bracketron Mushroom GreenZero can help – it’ll automatically switch off when the phone is fully charged, so it won’t waste energy, and no harm will be done to its battery.

This cool green charger can be bought at www.Bracketron.com, and its price is $27.95-$34.95.

2. Scosche solBAT II

The solBAT II is a solar-powered back-up battery and charger for the iPhone, the iPad and generally any USB-powered device. Its main shortcoming is that it needs 4-5 days to recharge under the sunlight, being attached to a window or somewhere else. But at least it’s eco-friendly and it doesn’t waste electricity. I believe better solar chargers will be created quite soon, taking considerably less time to fully charge. But anyway, this is also a nice alternative to all those usual electrical chargers.

You can purchase this solar charger at www.scosche.com for $29.99.

3. Iconosys Alternative Fuel Apps

It’s not a secret for anyone that refueling the engines of our vehicles is harming the environment. But fortunately, there are iPhone and iPad apps that can let you know where you can find green refueling spots in your neighborhood – you’ll just have to enter the zip code of your current location, and the all will let you know about all green spots nearby.

There are four apps like that at the moment – “Alternative Energy Fueling Directory”, “Where to get Biodiesel”, “Where to get NGV” and “My Plug-In Directory”, and you can download them from www.iconosys.com for free.

4. REV360 Case For iPad 2

The REV360 case is one of the coolest iPad 2 accessories I’ve ever seen – with it you can rotate your tablet in the palm of your hand in around 360 degrees, which can be very useful in different situations. Plus its straps can fit any palm, even the biggest or the smallest ones.

This case can be bought for $49.95-$69.95 from www.hubinnovations.com.

5. Edifier Luna5 Encore

If you want to buy a speaker for your iPhone or iPad, better get an eco-friendly one, like the new Edifier Luna5 Encore, which is, by the way, really stylish and beautiful, too. It’s ROHS (Restriction Of Hazardous Substances) certified, and its manufacturer, Edifier, is known for making all their devices in eco-friendly conditions, trying not to harm the environment.

This speaker will cost you $299, and you can find it at Amazon and at the official website of the manufacturer, http://www.edifier-international.com.

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