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5 Essential IPhone Apps For Runners

As a runner, you always want to know where you stand. From tracking distances to time, GPS signals, and on the road assistance, these are 5 Essential iPhone Apps for Runners you can download to your smart phone, which will help you track, monitor, and assess your improvements along the way.


1. RunKeeper

You can track your running habits, locations, and tracks. You can track runs and jogs, and if you cycle, also keep track of that information; you can also track your pace, and make updates on Facebook, so you can track where you stand and improvement. The app has long been downloaded, is a popular choice for runners, and it is free.

2. Nike+ Running


You can track all stats and the app has a history feature, for a set period of time. Your time, distance, pace, calories, are all tracked; you can also sync up your favorite tunes, so you can run with music if you prefer to do so. The app also provides tips and tricks to improve on style, increase your pace, and see the improvements you want to see over time as a runner.

3. Edmondo

You can track your time, distance, and progress; you can also create challenges with the app, and set up new tracks or courses to run. It is a social app, and you can connect with social media sites through it; you can also look up other runners (friends) and track their maps and routes, as well as pace, if you are competing or trying to keep up with your friends who are runners.

4. Zombies, Run


If you like challenges, this is a fun app to try out. Your morning jog or run is going to present you with challenges, so you are not only running to improve your pace along the way, you are also running to get away from the zombies that are chasing you. If you love tracking stats, checking changes, and making updates, this is the app for you to download and use for your runs, for tracking, and for constantly improving and adding new challenges to your daily running regime.

5. Map My Run

If you want to track destinations, new tracks, and record your own routes, this app will allow you to do just that. On top of being a GPS tracker, it keeps track of your time, distances, calories, and other essential values you want to keep track of as you are running. You can also see past times and distances, so if you are lacking a certain day, or if you are lagging behind on your best times, you are easily going to be able to see this on the app, you are going to be able to make notes and modifications, and you will know what and why you did not beat or maintain some of your best past speeds.

These 5 iphone apps will help you track, monitor, and assess your improvements along the way. Just download them on your iphone and start running!

Mark Johnson is well studied in fitness and contributes to JackedGorilla.com; it is a site which provides useful information on workouts, bodybuilding, supplements, and similar product lines.

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