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$5 Gadget Can Save You 5 hours of Frustration

If you have ever placed your earbuds in your pocket, purse or gym back, you know what happens. Somehow they become so tangled, you have to waste 30 seconds untangling the complex web of of knots. That equates to five hours of time wasted on average per year.

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While there are many "spool-type" plastic organizer on the market to solve this problem, many find them less convenient to use due to their bulk and time required to unwind your cord before each use. Additionally, they require the user to carry a separate accessory that easy to misplace when needed.

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A new solution on the market addresses these issues. It’s called Budsband. Budsband is a simple, silicone band organizer that enables you to neatly wrap and compactly band the cord so it will stay tangle-free. It is designed to stay attached to your cord so it’s always there when you need it. The unique Budsband fastener-free design uses the earbuds’ plug to secure the cord tangle-free. To store your earbuds, simply wrap them into a bundle, stretch the band around the bundle and secure the end with the earbuds’ plug. To use your stored earbuds, simply unband for quick access.

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Also, Budsband can shorten your cords to a desired length and it is so light it will not interfere with your listening. And it can tether your earbuds to zippers or buttons to keep the cord retained. Retention of cords is important to prevent the weight of the cords from pulling the earbuds out of your ears while exercising. Plus, it is a convenient way to hold your earbuds hands-free when you take a break from listening.

Budsband is available for preorder on Kickstarter. The price is $5 each in packs of two.

By Ed Farrell

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