5 Gadgets You Don’t Have That You Need

When it comes to finding great new gadgets, technology is no longer changing by the year. It seems as if amazing advancements are taking place by the month or even the week, and that can make shopping difficult. For customers that would like the some of the best current options, here is a closer inspection of five gadgets that everyone will find useful.

5 Gadgets You Don't Have That You Need

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Nvidia Project Shield

The mobile gaming market is a volatile industry and one in which only a handful of products maintain dominance. While most of these devices have been marketed at a younger demographic that would like to use them while out of the home, the Nvidia Project Shield adds a new dimension. The Nvidia Project Shield can stream full PC games anywhere in the home to a small high-definition screen, keyboard, and mouse or take them on-the-go.

The Pebble

The Pebble is one of the first “smart watches” to have hit the market, and this small watch streams information to Android or Apple phones via a Bluetooth transmission. Users can quickly access their email, use the Pebble as a GPS, get alerts for new messages, and much more. Without a Bluetooth connection, information can be stored in order to access a music or media library.

LifeShield Home Security

Home security sees few major breakthroughs, but home security by Lifeshield has managed to finally bring this industry to the 21st century. Their expert employees will carefully go through a home in order to place fire, smoke, and even break-in sensors in strategic locations. Multiple CPUs are also used in order to make hacking into the system nearly impossible.

Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has brought a number of new features to the smartphone market and has quickly become a top contender for the number one phone of the year. The high-definition screen and multiple cores are only the beginning as owners will enjoy one of the fastest Android operating systems to-date as well as “smart pause” technology that pauses videos when the user looks away.

3D Printers

3D printers have quickly gone from the stuff of legend to an easily-accessible home product. Smaller 3D printers can now be purchased for the home in order to carry out any number of unique projects and hundreds of companies have quickly sprung up in order to offer schematics for countless new items such as artistic objects and prosthetics.

Article by Casey Haslem

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