5 Great Mobile Apps for Writers

Whether you’re a journalist, blogger, copywriter, academic, or creative writer, you know that staying on top of your game is essential to making it in the biz. The very act of writing ties us to our computers and laptops and in many cases notebooks and journals are being ousted as our trusty companions in favor of multi-functional devices like smart phones and tablets. Here are great mobile apps that may be of use to you as you go about your busy day.



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Evernote lets you capture and save anything you or your device can possibly think, hear, or see, and file it away for easy access later on. There are many note-taking apps out there but this one seems to be the most comprehensive, user friendly, and well loved. It works on android platforms such as : iPhone / iPod Touch, iPad, Android, Android Tablet, Windows Phone 7,BlackBerry, Palm Pre / Palm Pixi, Evernote Peek, Windows, Mac OS X. Evernote goes for free.


DayOne is an app that encourages users to keep on writing. It provides calendar views of your entries so you can see when you’re slacking off, reminders to prevent you from forgetting, and even inspirational messages to keep you on task as you write. The app can be password protected and synced with other devices via Drop Box. Platforms: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac OS X.its priced at $1.99, $9.99 (Mac)

Writer’s Block Buster

Writer’s Block Buster is an app designed to combat this dreaded affliction.  Each of the app’s 14 sections is meant to stimulate your imagination or help you out with basics such as writing mechanics and definitions. The Person, Place, Things, and Scenarios sections are interconnected and allow you to explore the different combinations of these elements. Writers block buster has got the Dialogue section, a feature which provides writers with a hundred different variations of the word “said” that will keep the speaking parts of your story from becoming totally repetitive. Platforms: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, it is priced at $3.99


Manuscript is an awesome app that walks you through the entire writing process. This is an app for any kind of writer–novelist, essayist, journalist, etc. you can create a pitch, synopsis, and chapter outline for your project before producing the content. Manuscript ensures that you have a game plan in place before diving in, and your outline is remains changeable. Existing manuscripts can also be easily imported or exported using DropBox. Platforms: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Manuscript goes for $3.99


DropBox is an essential app for all writers who don’t want to end up with confusing copies of a single project. Documents saved to the DropBox app are accessible from any of your devices. DropBox comes with a free 2GB of storage space and you can purchase up to 100 GB by subscribing. The app also serves as a handy back-up for important documents in case your computer is out of commission. Platforms: iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Mac, Windows, Linux. DropBox is basically free.

The article was contributed by Alice. She is an editor for online editing services and a freelance writer.

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