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5 Inspiring Christmas Gifts for Him

1.Rocky Balboa Bath Robe


A gift for him. Authentic Rocky Balboa Bath Robe. Officially licensed from the makers of the movie, it’s a true-to-life replica of the real thing, last seen rippling on Sly Stallone’s impressive frame.

2.Thirst Aid Hat


It’s a hat, correct. But it has some rather interesting modifications. Look here: two drink "holsters"; their purpose to carry your drink for you. And this: a plastic drinking tube. Designed so you can sip your beverage without using your hands.

3.Don’t Break The Bottle Puzzle


If you offer a bottle of wine, the wine will be imprisoned in a seemingly impenetrable fortress.

4.Borat Mankini Swimsuit


Makes a terrific comedy gift. An amazing Secret Santa. A self-deprecating poolside appearance.

5.Solar Backpack


Yes, it looks like an ordinary backpack. But it has a monocyrstalline solar panel on the front. This absorbs the sun’s energy, transferring it into an electrical charge which is stored in a power pack, hidden inside. After that you can attach your hand-held appliance (mobile, digital camera, or MP3 player) to the charger.

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