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5 Latest Mobile Technologies of 2012

In today’s market, keeping up with mobile technology is as difficult as getting an auto loan. Blinking could mean missing an important advancement. Here are five of the latest advancements in mobile technology you may have missed in 2012.

Mobile Technologies


A recent entrant into both the tablet and the smart phone market is the padfone. The padfone is a 4.3 inch handset which serves as the brain for a 10.2 inch tablet. It features an eight megapixel camera and a Super AMOLED qHD screen. Technology, unfortunately, comes with a price tag and this one is steep. This combo of the Padfone and the docking station it is sold with will set the buyer back just shy of 900 dollars.

Facebook App Center

Media giant, Facebook, has recently released its app center. The app center serves as a hub to allow users to select apps from facebook and affiliated third parties. So far, it has just over 600 apps including Pinterest, Nike GPS and Draw Something. The App center features an easy to search database that lists apps based on their quality score. They only offer high-quality apps. The Facebook App Center is free although charges for apps may apply.

The Asus Transformer

The Asus Transformer is a fully integrated, transferable mobile technology system. The system has the ability to go from the Windows OS to Android OS at the push of a button. It has an 18.4 inch screen that can be detached and used as a tablet. This computer can do everything except walk your dog or help you get an auto loan. As a desktop, it uses an Intel Ivy Bridge processor. When running in tablet mode, it runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Playstation Smartphone

Sony has announced a partnership with HTC in their development of a SmartPhone that utilizes Playstation technology. This is the second phone to utilize this technology. The first, the Sony Ericcson Xperia Play, was fairly well received. This will be the first phone made by a third party.

Windows Phone Migration System

Microsoft recently received a patent on technology that will allow users to switch from a competing brand to a Windows phone with ease. The migration technology would allow users to move all of their data from a competitor’s phone to a Windows phone. Microsoft is hoping this will help improve their lackluster sales.
It doesn’t matter if you have the newest iPad or Kindle fire or if you are still talking on a rotary phone, technology is passing all of us by. It is time to step into the 21st century and begin utilizing all the amazing things technology can give us.

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