5 Of The World’s Richest IT Geeks

Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some programme greatness into a computer they made when they were ten! These are the people who become billionaires: the geeks! I’ve been studying them in the hope of picking up some tips and I’ve chosen my top five super-geeks.

Steve Jobs

I Have to start the list with this man! iPhones, iPods, iPads! None of them would exist if it weren’t for Steve Jobs, co-founder of both Apple Inc. and Pixar and the man whose vision led to the creation of the Mac computer. Jobs’ adoptive father introduced him to electronics and encouraged his hobby of constructing machines. In spite of being so advanced that he skipped a grade in school, Jobs dropped out of college, yet went on to found, with Steve Wozniak, one of the biggest IT companies in the world. At his death his personal fortune was estimated to be $6.7 billion!

Bill Gates

For many years, Bill Gates was the most well-known, successful computer geek in the world. His story has probably inspired more people to take up IT jobs than any other and even now after retirement from the corporate world he is still the poster-child for creative IT. As the founder and long-time CEO of Microsoft, he is the genius behind ‘Windows’ and although he has given away much of his money through his charitable foundation, at its height, his fortune was worth over $100 billion. Staggering!

Mark Zuckerberg

I’m sure you’re well aware that young Mr Zuckerberg is the creator of Facebook. There’s even a film about him and he isn’t yet 30 years old! Zuckerberg was studying at Harvard when he created his famous social-networking site and, in spite of legal issues, with which you may be familiar, he has retained credit for the company which was recently floated on the stock-market. His shares in Facebook are currently valued at $13.8 billion

Sergey Brin

If you recognise this name, well done! I didn’t! But I recognised his company, Google, as I’m sure you do. In fact I used his creation to find out all about him. Although he was born in Moscow, he moved to USA at 6 years old and is a naturalised American. He met Google’s co-founder, Larry Page when they were studying for Ph.D qualifications at Stanford University. The pair left to form Google and the rest, as they say, is history! With Google currently valued at over $200 billion, it seems like the Ph.D wasn’t really necessary!

Michael Dell

I don’t think we need to play ‘Guess which company this man founded!’ since he gave it his own name. Once the youngest CEO to reach the Fortune 500 list, Dell started out selling upgrades for personal computers and dropped out of his pre-med university course when the company became successful. With a personal fortune of $15.9 billion, he is in the top 50 richest men in the world. Not bad for a drop-out!

So it seems, looking at these five, that the secrets to IT super-success are: be American, drop out of advanced study and, the most important one, be a genius!

Amy is a freelance feature writer working with Gatwick Diamond Jobs who offer a wide range of IT jobs in South East England

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