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5 Online Alternatives for a Frugal January

We all feel the financial pinch in January. Many employers now pay their staff just before Christmas in December rather than the end of the month in order to help cover costs. This leaves many of us with a 5 week month and less money to cover it than we would have on a regular month.

If you are one of those people who are left wondering how you will get through January, take a look at our five online alternatives below on how you can make it through this month and still have fun on a budget!


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Stick to a budget

The first thing you need to address is how much money you have to work with. One of the best ways to stay within budget is to stick to one. Online budget calculators provide a quick and simple way of doing this, and there is a free tool provided on This is Money. This will enable you to know how much of your money needs to be allocated to paying essential household bills, and what (if anything) is left over.

Shop online

January brings with it many painfully tempting sales. If you walk down any high street this month you will see massive eye-catching sale signs plastered on shop windows. Avoid temptation and steer clear of these shops, more often than not you will end up buying something you want rather than need. However, if there are things you need to buy in January, buy them online. You can take advantage of sales online as well as comparing the price of items.

Swap the cinema for Netflix

When it comes to entertainment during the winter months, the cinema is an obvious choice. But when you start tallying up the price of tickets and food, it soon starts to skyrocket. Rather than taking a trip to the cinema this month, why not get a free subscription to an online streaming site such as Netflix or Now TV. One month’s subscription is cheaper than a ticket and if you are new to the service the first month is free. This will provide you with more than enough entertainment for the month.

Play online

If you enjoy a flutter from time to time, try playing online. If you like bingo, you can play online rather than visiting a bingo hall. There are a variety of benefits to playing bingo online. You have a wider range of games on offer and you have the convenience of playing from home whenever you feel like it. If you’re not sure where to start visit Two Big Ladies for in depth reviews of online bingo sites.

Start a new hobby

It’s a new year and for many this is an opportunity for a new start and a new you. If you have been thinking of starting a new hobby, try learning online before you take the plunge of joining a class. YouTube has a wealth of tutorials available for learning anything from origami to playing the guitar.

We hope that these online alternatives have given you some inspiration for living a frugal and fulfilling life this January!

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