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5 reasons Why to Replace Your Netbook with Google Chromebook

A netbook was described as a very small computer; more of a laptop that was not very expensive and was easy to carry around, thanks to its light weight. The netbook was known for its small screen and smaller keyboard and had less power when compared to a regular laptop. The range of the screen sizes varied from a 5-inch display to a maximum of 12 inches and the netbook usually weighed just less than 1 kg. Slowly the netbook emerged into versions that were bigger in size and were compared to some notebooks that were manufactured by some companies, except that they were smaller in size and cost less.

Google Chromebook

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A Chromebook on the other hand is nothing but a computer that runs Google Chrome operating system, and this is probably what gave it the name that stuck. The difference between a Chromebook and a regular computer or laptop is that it is primarily meant to be used while connected to the Internet with hardly any offline functions. The very first Chromebooks appeared in mid 2011 and became instant hits with schools who turned out to be their major customers. At most, households started looking at Chromebook as an additional computer for another member in the family, or if they hadn’t bought a computer as yet. The Chromebook did have an integrated media player that came along with the Google Chrome web browser in answer to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. There are several reasons why you should replace your netbook with the Google Chromebook, here are five of them.

The user interface is the first thing that should come to anyone’s mind. People already familiar with the web browser from Google Chrome will appreciate the Chrome operating system better. You are able to surf the web faster than ever. You can store the web apps that you have installed on the home page of the browser itself, where you can also view the most visited pages and the ones that were closed recently. Opening new tabs is easy and can be done by simply clicking on the plus icon on any tab that is open already. Moreover, you will find several similarities that are present on the desktop in a traditional PC . The downloaded files can be easily stored in File Manager that can be accessed by going to the Settings Menu, which also houses Internet Options. Several other applications like the Scratchpad and Gtalk appear on the top of the browser as small panels and can be pulled up any time you wish.

The next important comparison is to do with the performance itself. You need to appreciate the fact that the Chrome operating system boots itself up in a record 14 seconds. When it comes to surfing the web, Chrome is smooth and fast with no lag that is evident. The Chromebook loads several leading sports and news websites in under 3 seconds and comfortably scores 1, 905 on the browser test of Peacekeeper. Whereas on the SunSpider test for JavaScript Benchmark, the score hovered around 1, 146. However, it is the WebGL Aquarium test that was disappointing as the frame rate did not exceed 4 frames per second, which is inadequate. Surprisingly the 1215B netbook fares marginally better on these tests.

The third point that one needs to take note of is Multimedia, which includes both video and audio quality. The Chromebook comes out with flying colors as the stunning display is far better when compared to most other notebooks and the netbook. The 12.1-inch display and a resolution of 1280 X 800 brings out the vibrancy and vivid colors. The audio is OK and loud enough to be listening to any songs indoors. Whereas the netbook is not all that good with multimedia, though the display resolution is 1366 X 786 in the 1215B ASUS, it cannot match the Chromebooks brightness and clarity.

The fourth obvious thing is to do with battery life as that is an important factor in any portable device that needs to be able to go on as long as possible. The Chromebook scores a point here as well with a steady 8.5 hours of battery life which includes nonstop video playing of at least 5 hours. Even after streaming a full length movie, the battery is powerful enough to retain more than three quarters of the power, still unused. Additionally, it is believed to last longer than other batteries due to its life span of 1000 cycles. In comparison, the 1215B could run no longer than 6.5 hours at a stretch, though that is the case with most other laptops.

The last thing one can think of is productivity. The Chrome operating system is totally web based and users can look up the Chrome Web Store for their requirements. The Store has over 42 productivity apps in addition to Google Docs. Anything from spreadsheets to note taking and managing your finances including invoicing can be handled deftly. Overall, the Google Chromebook fares a lot better than the netbook.

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