5 Search Engines That Everyone Has Forgotten About

Today, searching online allows users from all across the world to find everything from recipes and DIY projects to global news and information relating to politics. Browsing online to find everything you want to know is possible with the use of some of today’s most popular search engines including Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Search engines have evolved over time, adding new features and growing in searching capabilities. However, there are search engines from our past that are still around and working these days, even if they are no longer the go-to method of finding information or discovering new sites.

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Ask Jeeves

Ask Jeeves was first founded and launched in 1996, and was one of the most popular search engines of its time. The service was represented by a character, “Jeeves”, who had the ability to answer any question by searching the web. Today, “Ask Jeeves” is simple “Ask”, and has since become more popular once again.


Lycos was a search engine that was first created in 2004. However, in 2000, the company merged with “Terra Networks”, changing its name to Terra Lycos. The site is still currently operating as a search engine, but also as an email provider, website builder and web services including a domain registration service.

Alta Vista

Alta Vista’s search engine was launched in 1995, providing a basic, yet straightforward method of finding information online. Today, Alta Vista is owned by Overture, later taken over by the massive media mogul Yahoo. Currently, Alta Vista is still up and running, despite the news that it would be shut down upon being obtained by Yahoo. Alta Vista’s search engine is still simple, but effective. Browsing for information, images, video and even items to shop for is possible with just one click.


Dogpile was another search engine that was founded and launched in 1996. Today, Dogpile has expanded to an image and video search. Users on Dogile have the ability to browse for both news and local information based on a zip code or specific region. Dogpile also provides white pages to assist browsers with quickly searching for others online to find further contact information and details.


Mamma.com was founded and launched in 1996, and the company was then sold to Copernic, which transformed the official entity’s name to Copernic Inc. Mamma began as a search engine that boasted it was “The Mother of All Search Engines”, using the phrase as its registered trademark. The search engine was simple for its time, but effective. Today, Mamma provides a full web and image search in addition to having the ability to browse for news with relevant keywords. The search engine also allows users to connect with Twitter users by browsing for keywords while utilizing the search engine itself. Mamma also offers the option to compare job listings by title and keywords to help users locate positions that are right for them.

Using a search engine that is not as popular as Google, Yahoo! or Bing simply means you may receive different results. Many individuals prefer using alternative search engines for a variety of reasons, mostly stemming from the different content that is found online. Finding the right search engine for you can be done by searching for the same keyword on different engines, comparing and locating the most fitting results for you.

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