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7 Best Travel Apps That Will Make Your Holidays Stress-Free

Planning a trip away can be complicated, but it doesn’t need to be. There’s tons of information to remember and a lot of things you need to figure out, but you won’t have to spend hours taking research and writing out itineraries if you outsource the job to these great travel apps. Take some of the stress out of your vacation by letting your smartphone handle all the hard parts.


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  1. Hopper

Booking a flight is never fun. Airfare goes up and down. You have to worry about layovers, sometimes overnight, in countries you never intended to visit. That’s what Hopper is for. This app compiles data from a multitude of airlines, letting you know which flights are the least expensive, which flights will be complicated, and even when airfare rates are about to jump up.

  1. Musement

What are you going to do when you get to your destination? Are you aware of all the attractions in the area? How are you going to spend your entertainment budget? Musement will help you figure that out. It lists all of the popular attractions in your destination city, and even helps you figure out which ones are running the best deals. You’ll know where to go and when to go there, and you can find out before the plane takes off.

  1. Bravolol

Unless you already know the main language of the country you’ll be visiting, the idea of interacting with shopkeepers and locals can become a little bit intimidating. Bravolol acts as a virtual pocket dictionary that features 13 languages. You’ll get common phrases in phonetic spelling, along with an audio recording you can use to help you communicate. If you can’t say it yourself, let your phone say it for you.

  1. Currency

You’ve suddenly switched from the Australian dollar to the Euro. It’s harder to keep track of money when you’re not sure exactly how much you’re spending. Download Currency. Its quick conversion tools will allow you to manage your finances while you’re away, so you can make sure you won’t return home completely broke.

  1. BringFido

Travelling is even more complicated when you throw a pet into the mix. If you can’t find a pet sitter, or if you’re just really committed to bringing your dog with you, BringFido can help you work out the logistics. This app exists to help people who are travelling with pets find pet-friendly accommodations and local dog parks.

  1. TripCase

If you’re travelling with a large group, or visiting multiple destinations during one holiday, TripCase can serve as the glue that holds things together. If every member of your group has TripCase, you’ll be able to compare itineraries, book additional flights, and keep tabs on other members of your group. If someone’s flight is going to be delayed and you’re waiting for them at the airport, TripCase will send you a notification to keep you in the know.

  1. Citymapper

You know all the shortcuts back home, but you have no idea how to get from point A to point B in an area where you’ve never been. Citymapper can help you figure out the easiest route to your destination with just a few taps and swipes. It even features traffic information, so you’ll know whether or not you should be preparing for delays or unusual traffic conditions that will affect your commute.

Pick your destination and hit the app store. Travel has never been easier than it is with the convenience of apps. Having your whole holiday planned in the palm of your hand removes so much work from the process. You’ll be able to enjoy yourself much more.

Sophia Beirne is a frequent business traveler who shares her experiences and thoughts writing for Stayz, Australia’s #1 holiday rental website.

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