7 Ways to Upgrade the Tech in your Home

One of the biggest drivers in the improvement of people’s lives is new technology. One place where new tech can do that is in your home. Below are seven different ways you can upgrade the tech in your home to make your life easier.

7 Ways to Upgrade the Tech in your Home

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1. Install Smart Door Locks

If you thought a smart phone could only be used to make calls and surf the web, you were mistaken. A smart phone can also be used to unlock your front door in place of a key. Simply install a smart door lock. You can then load the appropriate app and tap the phone on the lock to unlock the door.

2. Update Your Speaker Wire and Audio Cables

If you have a sound system in your home for playing music or as part of a home entertainment system, one option you may want to consider is updating your speaker wire and audio cables. Audio clarity can indeed be enhanced based on the wires and cables you choose. If you use a service like Cablewholesale.com, you may be able to find wires and cables superior to what you are currently using.

3. Upgrade to HD

Standard definition television only has 480 lines of pixels to create the images on a television screen. On the other hand, high definition has 1080. This is a significant improvement in picture quality. If you still have some old analog TVs in your home, consider swapping them out for newer models.

4. Install a Smart Thermostat

Your thermostat can also be integrated with smart phone apps. Purchase a thermostat that can have the ability to be operated via an app. This way you change the temperature in your home from anywhere inside or outside the house.

5. Switch to CFL Light Bulbs

Traditional incandescent light bulbs tend to eat up a lot of energy. They also don’t last long. Newer more energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs, however, can last much longer and use far less electricity.

6. Install Smart Lighting

How your lighting operates can also receive a significant boost. Imagine being able to turn on certain lights in your home while your family is on vacation to ward of burglars. This can be done with a smart phone app if you have a smart lighting system installed.

7. Add Solar Power

If you want to cut down on some of your monthly utility bills, investing in solar panels is an excellent choice. For a one time investment, you can lower the amount of energy you need from the utility company for decades.

Overall, new tech can add a lot to your home. It can make your home more energy efficient and make your life easier. Certainly investigate different ways you can implement technology in your house.

By Lizzie Weakley


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