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8 Gadgets that Will Improve Your Daily Life

While the jury is still out on whether technology is making our lives easier, there’s no doubt all of the gadgets and gizmos that have become a mainstay in our homes are making our lives better.

A lot of technology that is improving our lives is invisible. From tech that streamlines sewage system oversight to tech that makes virtual energy infrastructure management possible, we benefit from innovation in myriad unseen ways.


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But plenty of the gadgets that improve our daily lives are things we choose to bring into our homes, either out of necessity or simple desire. What follows are eight hot tech gadgets that can make your life easier, more fun, less stressful and even more stylish.

Echo: Your Very Own Personal Assistant

Amazon Echo is more than just a portable Bluetooth speaker; it’s also a portal that lets you connect with Amazon’s smart cloud-based virtual assistant Alexa. With voice control you can call on Alexa whenever you need to grab an Uber, get the party started with Spotify, order takeout or control your smart home system. The list of commands that Alexa understands is always growing and the best part is that your Echo is always ready and waiting to assist you.

Juice Pack: Wireless Power for your Smartphone

The tricky thing about wireless chargers is that they’re not really wireless – the charging station itself needs to be plugged in. But there’s something awesome about not having to hunt for your cord at the end of the day – put a Juice Pack Wireless by Mophie on your phone and it becomes compatible with all of the standard wireless charging bases. Instead of plugging in your phone to charge, all you need to do is put it down.

Of course, a few of the new phones (like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge) come ready to charge wirelessly so all you need is a compatible base.

Winbot: A Robot that Does Windows

You have a Roomba for your floors, so why not a bot that will keep your windows sparkling clean? Winbot, the robotic window cleaner by Ecovacs, can clean windows indoors and out – even on upper floors – along with mirrors, glass shower doors, and any other framed or unframed glass features in your home.

Samsung’s Galaxy S7: A Do It All Device

With a best in class camera and 4K capture capabilities, IP68 dust resistance and long-term water resistance up to 3m, one of the fastest mobile processors on the market today and plenty of power for everything from gaming to VR, this flagship phone can become your go-to for work and play, indoors and out. Pair a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and BingeOn from T-Mobile for amazing music and streaming options. Bring it on vacation and leave your DSLR at home. Maximize your gaming time with Game Launcher. Use it to control your smart home. The only limit to what this phone can do is your imagination.

Tile: Your Personal Thing Finder

If you’ve turned misplacing things into a sport, Tile will change your life. It’s a tiny Bluetooth tracker that can communicate with your phone – even when the two are more than 100 feet apart. The Tile app tells you exactly where you left your keys, your wallet, your handbag and your phone. How does that work? Just grab any item with a Tile and press the button to prompt your phone to start ringing.

ResetPlug: An Automatic WiFi Resetter

When the Internet goes down and your router isn’t conveniently located on your desk, a reset can mean trekking through the house just to push a button. Unless you are using ResetPlug, which resets your router automatically whenever it loses its connection. It does this by monitoring your wifi signal – whenever it has been inactive for a set amount of time ResetPlug triggers a reset with no unplugging and replugging (or button pushing) by a human necessary.

Sol: The Bag that Does Double Duty

 There are plenty of solar charger bags and backpacks out there, but most of them have plainly been designed with the adventurer’s aesthetic in mind. Samsung C&T’s Sol Bag, which debuted at this year’s CES and is set to launch soon, is an oversized clutch featuring a stylish honeycomb pattern that disguises integrated solar panels that charge your devices any time you’re strolling in the sunshine.

Harmony 650: A Truly universal remote

Keeping track of the multiple remotes that used to be part and parcel of having a complicated AV setup is a thing of the past when you have a Logitech Harmony 650 universal remote. It can control up to eight devices and has convenient one-touch activity buttons so watching a DVD or firing up your gaming system is no longer a multi-step endeavor.

Have a problem? Chances are there is a gadget that will solve it! Yes, some tech adds a layer of complexity to our lives, but clearly plenty of new and emerging technology is changing our world for the better.

By Jordan Davis

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