A Critical Review of the iPad 3

Any customer that has recently begun the process of finding a new tablet computer has no doubt taken a serious look at the iPad 3. Apple’s lineup of tablet computers have consistently produced some of the highest sales around the world, but many are wondering how the iPad 3 not only compares to other tablets on the market, but how it stacks up against the iPad 2 and the iPad 4. With a lineup of unique features and impressive internal specifications, the iPad 3 is definitely worth taking a closer look at before making a choice on which tablet is best.


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iPad 3 Retina Display

The first thing that many users will notice when picking up the iPad 3 is the display. As a dramatic improvement over the iPad 2, the iPad 3 provided a 2,048 x 1,536 “Retina Display” that is unique to Apple products. These Retina Displays offer amazing contrast with colors and crisp lettering for even the smallest of fonts, but there is one caveat that many users do not realize immediately. The improved display only works within certain apps and programs that were created with this type of display in mind, or those that have offered updates since the release of the iPad 3. This means that the display will appear identical to previous iPads for most basic software and web surfing.

iPad 3 Versus iPad 2

Apple is also known for their “system on a chip” approach to many of their devices. This means that they use a single chip in order to house their operating system and their processor. The particular operating system that the iPad 3 is running will depend on how often the user updates their OS, but the most recent update is the OS 6.1.3. The processor is a significant improvement over the iPad 2 with a streamlined 1 Ghz dual-core processor that has the ability to handle multi-tasking in a much more efficient manner.
One of the final major improvements over the iPad 2 is the 5 megapixel rear-facing camera. The iSight camera also has the ability to capture vibrant 1080p video, often making it the perfect piece of mobile technology to take to any upcoming events. 1080p videos can also be streamlined and watched in their full quality on the iPad itself, another relatively new addition to these Apple products.

iPad 3 Versus iPad 4/iPad mini

When taking a look at these few features, many individuals will quickly see how much of a step up the iPad 3 is over the iPad 2, but there are also a few other options in the long lineup of iPads with the iPad 4 and the iPad mini. One of the biggest features that will make Apple fans take that next step up to the iPad 4 and the iPad mini is the use of Siri, Apple’s voice command system that has been popularized by their phones. While this program is not essential, many will find it useful in their daily use of these gadgets.

Outside of this one feature, very few other aspects of the iPad have changed with these three options. All 3 work with the 4G LTE network and can each be used as their own private WiFi hotspot. They also have identical RAM with only a slight boost to the dual-core processor. In the end, the iPad 3 remains one of the top choices for those looking to purchase a tablet to stay connected, explore the app market, or become more efficient at work.

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