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A fun gadget the Space Invaders Alarm Clock

Need a fun gadget? Have a look at Space Invaders Alarm Clock.

Space Invaders Alarm Clock

Being woken up by an alien invasion force doesn’t sound like much fun, does it? But when the invasion force in question is a bunch of original Space Invaders is fantastic.

Simply set the alarm and when morning comes the retro casing of this ultra-stylish gizmo lights up in all kinds of crazy colours. But that’s just for starters because a squadron of Space Invaders appears on-screen accompanied by a cacophony of familiar sound effects. You’d have to be a right dum-dum-dum-dummy not to be blown away.

Space Invaders Alarm Clock cost  £24.95 and is available at Firebox.com.

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  1. This brings back memeories as a kid.. playing the original space invaders in the arcade.. This goes on the christmas stocking filler list as a must..

    Thanks for that..

  2. I have to say that this looks wicked! This would be a great stocking filler for friends or family.

  3. nice post… I like the Space Invaders Alarm Clock

  4. Alarm gadget is looking nice which can be fixed easily good invention

  5. nice space invaders alarm clock..

  6. He has trouble waking up to the standard noise and it is often not loud enough. Does anyone know of any high-end or just reallyyyyy good alarm clocks? thanks…

  7. Very nice! I would love to have an alarm clock like that also. I guess it would really wake me up. Thank you for sharing this.

  8. ooohh this is a very cool alarm clock! I like to be awaken by an alien invasion force sounds…LOL! I already included this in my Christmas wishlist. Thanks!

  9. oh! it’s a very cool Space Invaders Alarm Clock. I like it. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Ifana from hybrid battery

    Its look like cool clock,..with the alien,…

  11. wow, 200Hz are too much. Even my latest color monitor has 85Hz refresh rate and it give an awesome visual. I am going to start gathering money to buy this television.

  12. Nice invention i like the gadgets look to buy it

  13. Space Invaders Alarm Clock is quiet good invention

  14. I like the gadget good invention

  15. Its looking very different, I would like to try it out…

  16. Terry Stonefield

    For most the sound of an Alarm ringing first thing in the morning is a shock. You set it the night before, for whatever time you would like to wake up, and yet you are still annoyed with it when it actually goes off at the time you requested.If you are like me, then you will prolong the act of getting up by constantly hitting the snooze button – which gives you another few minutes before it rings out again. The irony is that I personally never go back to sleep as I wait in anticipation for the sound of the dreaded clock to go off yet again.^

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