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A Guide on How to Benchmark a CPU

If you want to learn how to benchmark a CPU it is important that some terms are clarified first. The CPU of course refers to a computer’s central processing unit, that part of your computer that is responsible for performing calculations. The CPU benchmark is a process that tries to compare and assess their performance against one another.


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A Closer Look at CPU Benchmarking

In simple terms, benchmarking allows you to assess the capability of your computer against other systems. Different types of benchmarking may be used, but they will be invariably based on a system of numerical values.

It must be emphasized here that benchmarking of a CPU involves more than just the CPU, as other parts of your computer will be tested as well. One of the reasons why there is a lot of confusion is the fact that people often refer to the entire computer casing as a CPU. That is incorrect since only the processor responsible for calculating is the CPU. Furthermore, the entire casing will include the other components like RAM, video cards, and hard disks, which are different parts altogether.

Also bear in mind that some CPU benchmark tests will not include the mouse, scanner, printer and other devices, as those are tested in different ways. In some cases though, all the components will be tested.

If you want to know how to benchmark, just go online and look for online reviews. You will find most of them performing these tests on variety of computers and not just CPUs.

What is the Purpose of Benchmarking?

As was pointed out earlier, it gives you a good idea of just how well

your computer measures up against others You can also look at a benchmark test and see if that computer you are looking at is worth buying or not. In short it can save you a lot of money and time.

Another reason why you will want to try out benchmarking is that it can help you check if there is a problem with your computer, or if one or two components are out of date and need to be replaced.

This is very important if you run memory and CPU intensive software like 3D graphics and animation, Photoshop and video editing. Knowing the CPU speed is also essential if you like to play games. As anyone who has played PC games will tell you, they are very demanding on the CPU, so it helps to know if your system is up to it.


3DMark is one of the most widely used benchmarking tests for computer games. What it does it test the power of your CPU as well as its graphics card, two of the most essential elements for gaming. A series of tests will be run during which frames and videos are run. The higher the frame rates, the more powerful your CPU and computer are. The most powerful systems are capable of procuring more than 30 frames per second, far more than what the eyes can see.

As you can see it is very easy to learn how to benchmark a CPU. All you need to do is go online and read reviews. In no time at all you will find sites that compare the specs and how they work. All this info will definitely help you find the right one for your needs.

By Jack – While computers have become more powerful, the range of their power and capabilities differ, which is why there is a need to have them benchmarked. Different types of CPU benchmarking methods are available like 3DMark. Discover how to benchmark a CPU and why it matters.

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