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A new spy gadget the Keyboard with Covert Keylogger Device

Keyboard with Covert Keylogger Device

Keyboard with Covert Keylogger Device is made to spy on your family or employees.

The Microsoft Natural Keyboard hides a 2MB hardware keylogger device.The 2MB memory can store up to 2 million keystrokes.

This spy device captures anything typed on the keyboard, which includes usernames and passwords. Since the keylogger is built into the keyboard hardware, it is undetectable by any Anti-Virus or Anti-Spyware software.

The price for the keylogger gadget is £215.00 at SpyWarehouse.co.uk

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  1. Nice to see my products appears elsewhere on the web!

  2. Be careful now if your boss is going to offer you this keyboard :p

  3. I will be careful

  4. Awesome! I have one JUST like this! Got it for Christmas…

  5. Nice gift you received for Christmas 🙂 . Who gave you the Keylogger Device?

  6. Let me suggest you a supplier for wireless key catchers built into keyboards. The device looks as the keyboard above and capture keystrokes the same way. The difference is that they don’t store keystrokes. There is a transmitter built into keyboard, it transmits keystrokes wirelesly to a receiver connected to a computer. The user can watch what is typed on the remote keyboard in realtime! Follow the link by clicking my name.
    Keyboard spying in realtime makes a big difference!

  7. Keylogger Pro ;)

    The hardware keyloggers will always remain very interesting surveillance devices: Simple but effective.
    At first sight you would choose for a software keylogger because it logs more information but you’ll never know if it’s going to be removed with your next virus update.

  8. Yes @:Ke logger pro its really true hardware key logger is more reliable then software key logger.

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