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A new spy gadget will be launched soon.

A new spy gadget will be launched on the market soon. The name for this spying device is Spyke Wifi Spy Robot.


Spyke comes with a video camera, a microphone, a loudspeaker and 2 motors.
The Spy robot can move, watch, hear, speak, take pictures, record video and sound.

The robot can also be used as a Digital Music Player or a VOIP telephone (compatible with Skype 3.0. )

The best part is that you can control it from anywhere in the world via the

The spy robot can be also used like an alarm system: when a movement is detected, Spyke activates an alarm or sends you a picture by e-mail.

The price for this new spy gadget is £200.00.

It will be available at Red5.co.uk shop

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  1. Great. I’ve always wanted a bright green and white spy robot. Nobody would notice that. It would be kind of fun to use though.

  2. This gadget is too expensive! Id rather keep my own improvised spy camera for cheap maintenance. I wish they would also create a smaller spy gadget, something that can’t be noticed easily, and can you put in the backyard too without alarming the intruders while you are actually taking their pictures.

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