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Adlens Sundials Glasses Review

I just love the gadgets which prove to be useful. This is why I was delighted to test the Adlens Sundials.

Adlens Sundials Glasses

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These are some smart glasses because they allow the user to adjust the lens to fit their prescription. The Sundials feature continuously adjustable lenses which allow the user to adjust the glasses see up close, into the distance and all around.

These is the main benefit of this type of glasses. The use adjustable lenses is just brilliant. The user simply adjusts the glasses to fit their needs and if another person wants to use the sunglasses it is simple to adjust them again.

The Adlens Sundials Glasses work from -6D to +3D diopters and offer UVA & UVB protection.

The glasses can easily adjusted from far to near and each lens can be adjusted separately.

The main benefits are for outdoor activities because you don’t have to use different glasses for seeing up close or into the distance all you have to do is to adjust the lens. The less adjustment is made by simply rotating 2 buttons (one for each lens)  until you can see well.

These sunglasses are small and lightweight so taking a pair everywhere will be easy because you can put them in a pocket.  

My tests. Adlens Sundials review

Testing this gadget was a simple job. Until now I have tested the HiloBlack Diamond Prestige – you can read the complete review here, but the Adlens Sundials where a little different because they need to be adjusted.

The glasses came with a small brochure explaining how they work. After reading the brochure for 1 minute I started using the glasses. They were simple to adjust, I just rotated the buttons for each lens until I could see clearly.

The design seems resistant and durable and the frame is unisex. The Adlens Sundials are also lightweight and easy to carry.

In conclusion: a very useful gadget because the lenses are adjustable from -6D to +3D diopters and you can use them to see up close or into the distance in bright sun.

Pricing and availability

The Adlens Sundials price tag is $39.99 and you can get a pair from www.Adlens.com.

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