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Advancements in Tire Technology

There’s more to tires as a concept than one would think –more than a rubber compound, a steel structure and air. In fact, things were never so simple, not even decades ago, when the tire technology was significantly less advanced. Within the past decade, the manufacturers have started coming up with new tire concepts, which excel at durability and performance, so here are a couple of them; welcome to the tire technology of the future!

The Pneumatic Tire

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Before delving into the future tire concepts, it is important that we discuss the pneumatic tire, or, in layman’s terms – the good old car tire. Developed quite some time go by John Dunlop (in 1888), the very first pneumatic tire consisted of a body that resembled a donut and that consisted of wires and cords, which were further encased in rubber and filled with air. This basic concept still rules the streets of our cities.

The Expansion of the Current Technology

There’s a reason for the pneumatic tire still being by far the most popular on the roads; regardless of the fact that some new technologies are approaching breakthroughs, you shouldn’t expect the popular pneumatic to go anywhere within the next couple of decades. This is why the majority of modern breakthroughs are embracing this technology, making updates and upgrades mostly based on better rubber compounds and data-aggregating tools. There are many tire manufacturers out there and each one has its own way of coming up with a high-quality product. In this article, we’ll explore the top three upcoming technologies: the self-inflating tire, the airless tire and the self-regenerating tire.

The self-inflating tire are popularly featured in many movies, but have, in fact, seen their use in military vehicles like the Humvee, which has passed the technology onto its civilian counterpart, the Hummer. The basic idea behind this concept is that it uses its CTIS (Central Tire Inflation System), which is tasked with monitoring the tire pressure on a 10-minute basis and can deflate and inflate a tire on command.

As opposed to a tire that can fill itself up with air if deflated, the airless tire features an environmentally friendly concept that will make air completely redundant in tires. This idea has yet to see daylight in civilian vehicles, since the issue of friction still has to be worked around.

Of course, the self-regenerating tire can’t be expected to magically “heal” itself, but it is the next best thing. These tires are equipped with a second layer of tread, which can extend their life by up to 30%.

Intelligent Tires

Although the intelligent tires are mostly used in modern trucks and crossovers, they are likely to spread into the regular car traffic. This technology is based on the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (somewhat similar to the above mentioned CTIS), which is routed to a vehicle’s ECU sensor and transmits pressure, temperature, number of revolutions and the average load. Optimizing control of a vehicle’s dynamics is the name of the game of the “Cyber Tyre”, which will be achieved by transmitting information.

Wheel Repair Services

The tire and wheel technologies are likely to see a complete “do-over” within the next couple of years – we’re talking about a future where no rim is going to be labeled as “beyond repair”. In fact, rim repair machinists in Australia’s capital are already on the brink of being able to fully restore a rim, regardless of its size and damage that might have been caused. Soon, alloy wheel repair in Sydney will mean fully refurbishing the wheel alloy! How? Well, by using something called “Face Machining”, a process that covers every aspect of a wheel’s radius, curvature within the spokes and volume!

Although the concept that Jim Dunlop devised is still very popular, the tire and wheel technologies have advanced significantly. Get introduced to all the featured concepts, the world of roadside future awaits!

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