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All about Free Database Software

Free database software come in different types, but they are all basically the same in that they function as data storage solutions that permit websites and computer software to keep their data secure, well organized and integrated. Among the most popular types are object oriented, relational, network and hierarchical. and each one is made for specific types of software.

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The most common type is hierarchical and this is frequently used in legacy and mainframe systems and has a tree-like design. Network is a lot of like hierarchical, the difference being the architecture is more akin to a meshed network or cobweb. Relational, on the other hand, displays relationships among numerous entities using many-to-many, one to many or one to one mapping. The object oriented is different in that it is more focused on displaying in the system real life objects.

But those that have just been described are only the most common. Databases, including the free ones, have evolved to the point that many other variants have emerged. The features of each database will also depend on factors like accessibility, behavior, device and many others. The following are some of the most popular free database programs out there.


This is without doubt one of the most popular if not the most widely used. This is a RDBMS (relational database management system) and is very popular among companies and small businesses and everyone who needs to use a database. This was actually created by Michael Widenius which he later sold to Oracle. MySQL is open source and it is used by a lot of companies.

These include Vimeo, Tumblr, LinkedIn, PayPal, YouTube, Wikipedia, Facebook, WordPress and many others. Another reason why this has become popular is that it supports numerous file types like TEXT, DATETIME, YEAR, MEDIUMINT and many others.

What is FleetDB?

This is a database system that is oriented towards documents and it is not particular to a specific schema-based architecture. FleetDB functions via a protocol set on JSON and is open source. This database runs its data types in data structures because of its inherent design, and it has numerous data structures like ArrayMaps, Collections, Keywords, Strings and many more.

Berkeley DB

This is a key-value database program. Created by Oracle Corporation, it is widely utilized in applications and embedded systems. This database was created with C is well known for its outstanding performance and features. What makes it so attractive for a lot of users and companies is its ability to handle even terabytes of data. Furthermore, it has support for Windows, UNIX and other operating systems. This database comes in three different types: Berkeley DB XML, Berkeley DB Java Edition and Berkeley DB.

All about Free Database Software

This open source relational database and works with Windows, UNIX and other operating systems. It has many features like triggers, procedures, referential integrity and many others. Its other features include graphical administration, ACID compliance, and data types like NUMERIC, NUMERIC, FLOAT and many others.

Since there are a lot of different kinds of free database software it is imperative that you learn as much as you can about these programs before deciding what to use. You should also place emphasis on what you need rather than pick the software that has a lot of features that you may not be able to use anyway.

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