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All You Need To Know About Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung with its latest launch that is Galaxy Note 3 has created loads of buzz. Critics are terming this amazing phablet as one of the best phablet launched till date. This third generation smart phone plus tablet comes with a colorful and bright 5.7 inch screen with 1080p display which is enough to attract maximum eyeballs.


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One more addition to the entire pack is an elegant looking stylish and Pen window feature that helps you to select a few applications such as just draw a small window on the main screen and select calculator and the calculator option will option up. On the internet, you will be able to get Croma retail coupons so that you can save a lucrative amount.

What to expect from Samsung Galaxy Note 3

· The Samsung galaxy note 3 is launched with a 13MP camera and a 2MP camera at the front for the dual shot purpose, dual video call and dual recording features.

· The current version of this amazing phablet is engineered with a 1.9GHz octa-core processor and the 4G version is believed to be launched with a 2.3GHz quad-core processor.

· One of the most powerful thing that has been engraved with the new Samsung Galaxy note 3 is 3GB RAM and internal storage capacity of 32 GB or 62 GB and moreover you can extend this memory up to 64 GB with an external micro SD card.

· With all such excellent and latest features this smart phone from Samsung is being termed as the most powerful smart phone launched till date.

· All these features and power that is RAM has been added to this smart phone so that it operates well with the S-pen feature.

· With Near Field Communication that is NFC and Bluetooth 4.0 the company it trying to compete with Sony Xperia Z.

· IR LED is also made available so that the remote control functionality can be utilized.

· Other features include GPS and Wi-Fi 802.11.

Latest and advanced features from Samsun Galaxy Note 3

· The Note Stem offers complete power and comes with an air command function. All you need to do is to hover your S-pen on the main screen of the note and a new menu appears with series of option.

· The Action Nemo feature helps you to interface the notepad option. Just write the number or name on the notepad and the Action Nemo will automatically take you to your contacts option.

· The screen offer by the galaxy note 3 is a full HD 1080 resolution screen. It helps you to see crystal clear images and High Definition pictures and movies on your favorite galaxy note 3.

· The 3200 mAh battery is very powerful and gives a very good back with all such audio video applications.

With all such amazing and latest features it is one of the best smart phone that have been launched into the world and if we go by the sales number it seems that the device is going to get quite popular across the world.

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