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An interesting eco gadget Eco Kettle with Temperature Control

For several month I try to go green. I recycle and I’m more careful about the stuff I buy. And I will blog more often about eco gadgets.

Today you can see the Eco Kettle with Temperature Control.

Eco Kettle with Temperature Control

The standard Eco Kettle uses 31% less energy than your average kettle, and now with an all-new temperature selector, you can get the amount of water, and the temperature, just right.

The ECO Kettle can be filled with up to 1.5 litres of water ready for use – and then you decide how much to heat, from one cup (200ml) to full capacity, simply by pressing the knob. The water you don’t use remains ready for next time.

You can select obne of these temperatures:

  • 80° – ideal for speciality teas
  • 90° – perfect for coffee
  • 100° – boiling

Eco Kettle with Temperature Control features:

  • Eco friendly and energy efficient
  • Temperature selector makes perfect cuppas
  • As featured on 5ive’s Gadget Show
  • Only boils the water you need
  • Recommended by the Energy Savings Trust
  • Stylish and contemporary design

Pricing and availability

You can get the Eco Kettle  for £49.95. It is available at Gizoo.co.uk.

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  1. Now that’s brilliant. Never really thought of eco gadgets before. You’ve open my eyes to a whole new world! Thank you!

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