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Andrew James Ice Cream Maker 1.45 Litre Review

It is hot summer so ice cream is a great desert to cool me down. I was planning to prepare some homemade ice cream but I wanted a device to make my life easier (ice cream can be made at home without an ice cream maker but to make it smooth you have to place it in the freezer and remove it and whisk it and place it back in the fridge and then you have to whisk it again for several times).


So when the Andrew James Ice Cream Maker 1.45 Litre arrived I went and bought ingredients for ice cream. The strawberries are in season and naturally I got 1 lb and found an easy ice cream recipe.

The Andrew James comes with a detachable bowl which need to be placed in the freezer for a few hours. I let mine overnight and in the morning prepared my strawberries ice cream.

Andrew James ice cream maker main features and specs:

    • fast freezing insulated bowl
    • makes ice cream, sorbet and frozen yoghurt
    • removable freezer bowl
    • large 1.45litre capacity
    • extra large ingredient funnel
    • detachable accessories for easy cleaning
    • low noise level 65dba

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Andrew James Ice Cream Maker Tests

I removed the ice cream machine’s bowl from the freezer an placed it into the machine. I also attached the paddle and placed the ingredients (strawberry puree, icing sugar, whipping cream) and started the ice cream maker.

20 minutes later I enjoyed a delicious, creamy strawberry ice cream.

The Andrew James is simple to use. All you have o do is place the bowl in the freezer, put it back into the machine (after at least 8 hours), attach the paddle, put on the lid and hit the On button.

Cleaning the machine is also simple because it uses detachable parts.

This ice cream maker also comes with a recipe book written by Annette Yates. The book contains all sorts of recipes which seem yummy like rum and raisins ice cream, banana and passion fruit ice cream, frozen yogurts just to name a few.

Andrew James Ice Cream Maker Review

A super simple to use ice cream machine which save the user a lot of trouble. After the bowl sit in the fridge for 8 hours you can start making ice creams.

The ice cream I made with the Andrew James tastes amazing and I am planning to try new recipes.

Although the bowl may seem small it is enough even for a large family and the bowl which was in the freezer was still chill when I finished my ice cream so I think that you can prepare multiple batches.

In conclusion

Andrew James ice cream maker is a great solution for people who are on a tight budget. For under 20GBP you can enjoy delicious, fresh, homemade ice-creams.

It comes with a recipe book so you don’t need to buy one and the ice cream made at home is in my opinion healthier when compared with commercial varieties because it contains mostly fruits, you control how much sugar to put in and it contains no added preservatives.

Pricing and availability

The Andrew James ice cream maker costs just £19.95 and you can find it at AndrewJamesWorldwide.com.Also if you need to make a lot of ice cream extra fast freezing insulated bowls can be purchased separately.

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