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Android Market

Android is Linux based ,open source operating system, developed by Google, for touch screen mobile handsets and tablets. Users of Android based devices have the liberty to gain access many free applications through the android market. It has reached at the top place in the online world because provides all sorts of useful and cool aps.


The android market also provides apps for high definition video recording, audio formats and voice search. Google and other developers made great efforts to develop applications which make our lives easier.

The applications of android market on web provide the facility to search, download or purchase cool applications for mobile devices and tablets from web browser.

How to download applications from android market

You need to type of Android.com in browser and sign in with Google account. In the search box type the application name or go the category tab and search for the favorite application. If the application matches with the configuration of your mobile or tablet and the Android operating system version, it will be highlighted in green that "The application is compatible with your device". It can be then easily installed by clicking on install tab.

With the gain in popularity of android phones and tablets, the need of Android applications also increased.  There is a large number of applications available.Those having high popularity in the Android market are text messenger, email clients, hosting games and also various applications through which the users can shop online through their mobile and tablets. The android blog presents some of the best apps each week.

In short Android market made it very easy and convenient for browse and download various high feature applications, tools for games, health and fitness, entertainment etc for no cost with Google account. The users can also purchase applications by creating Google checkout account online.

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