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Android or iOS-Which one Should a Mobile Gamer Choose?

Mobile games or apps have become a very important hobby or pastime for a lot of people and are the perfect way to relax and unwind in any environment. Recent stats show that both Android and iOS users use their mobile devices for Facebook 18%, browse the internet 20% and play mobile games an astounding 32% , with the remaining 30% dedicated to communication.


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When it comes to mobile entertainment there is a huge demand for compatible and optimised gaming of all genres. Games like Angry Birds have become increasingly popular as they are easy to play, have a puzzle element and feature fun and vibrant graphics. Mobile casino games have also become increasingly popular and developers have had to release games compatible with Android and iOS to keep up the demand. A site like www.mobilecasino.mobi offers a huge selection of games for both platforms and brings players the best in free and real money convenient and portable entertainment.

There are two major operating systems of choice for mobile gaming, Apple devices iOS or the cross compatible Android system that can run on any device. In many cases gamers are able to access the most popular games on either platform, but with Apple products the system is closed loop and there are no 3rd party apps that can be accessed. All Apple games are purchased or downloaded from the iStore and have been especially designed to be compatible with the iOS. Android is an open source platform and the selection of games is far higher due to its accessible nature. The Google PlayStore has a great selection of free and paid-for apps, but users can also download or play non approved or quality checked games that they obtain from a 3rd party.

In terms of device performance, this is generally not related to the OS, as Apple products are renowned for hi specs and cutting edge technology. Because Android can be run a variety of smart phone or tablets the specs are not specific to the OS, so gaming quality relies on the devices capability.

It’s a tough choice and in many cases it comes down to the user’s personal preferences. Online security, browser based gaming compatibility and gaming selection is often an influencing factor and gamers should choose a device that explicitly suits their needs.

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