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Android Phones: The Pros And Cons

The Android phone is quite popular today. Even though the iPhone is popular, surprisingly, it still is not able to compete with the Android on many levels. Contrary to popular belief, the Android operating system is the highest platform for any smartphone. Previous platforms, such as the iOS and the Symbian have been left in the dust. Back in 2012, the Android had already taken the world by storm. By the end of the year 2012, over 65% of the total market share of the smartphone was booming. When this happened, everyone wondered what the Android had that made people stick with it and have more new customers.


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With a little bit of research that was conducted by surveys, everyone soon found out that one of the main causes that this device was extremely popular was because of the applications that are available. Android has several applications that are available that suits a wide variety of people. Since the number of people that use this device have increased, and the demand for the applications have also increased, Android application development has skyrocketed.


As far as the hardware of the Android is concerned, there are a few pros and cons that you may want to acknowledge. The primary feature that people love the most about the Android is that they have removable batteries. In the event that the battery malfunctions for some reason, you can purchase a new one and your phone will work like new. Another feature that Android phone users appreciate is the feature of the SD card. This card is able to expand the storage that is available with the Android. If you are the ultimate texter, you will appreciate an Android that comes equipped with a physical keyboard. There is not an iPhone available that has a physical keyboard present.

There are a couple of cons that the Android has that may concern you. Android phones are usually compared to iPhones because they are said to be the next step up in technology. When the Android is compared to the iPhone, you may notice that the screen of the Android is smaller than the screen of the iPhone. Another con that you may notice are the camera features and quality. Most Android devices are equipped with 3.0 MP cameras while the iPhone has a substantially higher MP.


Software is yet another detail of this situation that is compared. When it comes to the Android, multitasking is easy and simple. Multitasking is one feature that the smartphone is recognized for. Another great feature the Android phone possesses is the Google Play Store. No other smartphone but the Android has this store available to it.

The biggest con that is discussed with the software is the syncing issue. Unlike the iPhone, you are not able to sync an Android device directly to the computer. The Android will have to use an application from a third party in order to enable this feature. In any event, many people believe that the Android is a lot more convenient than the iPhone.

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