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Apple 160GB iPod Classic Black

Apple 160GB iPod Classic Black 160GB iPod classic Video

Apple 160GB iPod Classic Black

What? 40,000 songs???? Yes. The iPod classic lets you carry everything in your collection, up to 40,000 songs or up to 200 hours of video, in your pocket. This thinner, all-metal design offers 160GB of storage space, has an enhanced interface, sleeker design, and Apples own Cover Flow menu.

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  1. BritneyFan90@msn.com

    omg i really need that ipod it holds up to 40,000 songs and 200 hours of video its awesome the one i have is the 1gb nano its so old school

  2. world best player is apple 160gb ipod.

  3. the sun & moon may not with us, i’m not alone because every time apple ipod in my hand.

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