Atomic Floyd Mini Darts Review

The Atomic Floyd Mini Darts are an in-ear stereo headset which feature soundproof, custom feat and studio-grande acoustics.


Atomic Floyd Mini Darts use 3 innovative technologies:

#1. SoundProof

Stop your music and conversations from disappearing into thin air. Dual-injected silicone eartips seal out more ambient noise than conventional ones. 2-way noise isolation so you hear every note and every word with no leaks, no spills and no dirty looks from those around you.

#2. CustomFit

Maximum comfort with minimalist looks. You get a snug, velvety, custom fit thanks to the compact size of the earphones and the smooth, pliable silicone eartips that mould the shape of your ear canal.

#3. StudioSession

Detailed sound reproduction.The more you listen the more you hear. Acid sharp details. Vivid mids. Bass like molten gold. Every note, every word, every pulse pops out with breathtaking precision. Uncover hidden layers in every track. Feel your music from a fresh perspective.

Atomic Floyd Mini Darts Review

Firstly I have tested the Mini Darts by Atomic Floyd on my mobile phone. The sound was very good because this in-ear stereo headset almost remove the background noise. The mic was working fine – I was heard loud and clear.

After that I have started the music and the real fun begun. The experience is great. You get just the music and not the background noise – the SoundProof technology works very well. The sound is loud and clear with a powerful bass.

Also the headset is very comfortable because you can change the silicone eartips which mould the shape of your ear canal.

In conclusion Atomic Floyd Mini Darts deliver hi quality, powerful and clear sound and they are also comfortable.

My images of Mini Darts

AtomicFloyd1  AtomicFloyd2


Pricing and availability

The Atomic Floyd Mini Darts price tag is £139.00 and you can find them at

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  1. very cool looking erarphone gadgets.

    only problem is the case doesn’t match.

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