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Does Your Pet Have A Robot?

In my childhood there were a lot of movies showing the future of mankind and that future was along with robots. The humans owned robots and the robots did the hard works. Nowadays we are close to that vision. In factories the "robots" are handling most of the production but we don't have personal robots yet. This situation can change soon and owning a robot may become a common thing. Actually nowadays companion robots for pets can be purchased. Images sources kickstarter.com I recently stumbled upon the Anthouse Pet Companion Robot a robot designed to keep your dog or other pet … [Read more...]

A Short History of Headphones

When one looks at headphones it becomes more than obvious that this object represents both one's desire for privacy and one's need for fun. With them, one can listen to music, audio books, recollect with their previous recording or even communicate with others. Still, the headphone technology changed and evolved quite a bit over the course of years. With this in mind, how did we come from first 10 pound heavy headsets to miniature, yet powerful, peripherals? In order to answer this question, here is a brief history of headphones. Images sent by author 1.      The first steps When … [Read more...]

Make Business Expansion A Reality With These Tip

Business expansion is typically the company leader's biggest priority. If you're ready to make ongoing expansion a reality for your organization, try using the tips outlined below: 1. Check Your Circuit Boards. One great way to make business expansion a reality is by keeping your circuit boards in great condition. Note that your circuit boards are susceptible to damage from the environment. Also consider the fact that when contamination takes place, the equipment will become inoperable. It can also cause problems with your storage processes. As such, you'll want to ensure that you can … [Read more...]

Health Techniques That Can Make You Look And Feel Better

While it's safe to say that the majority of Americans want to feel well, it's also accurate to argue that most of them don't. Environmental factors, cultural trends, misinformation, and individual lack of will power are all realities which play a role in creating lifestyles marked by mediocre or poor health. If you recognize that you're not particularly healthy yet know you're ready to implement the changes necessary to turn your life around for the better, now is the time to get the process underway. Start now by using some or all of the following health techniques: 1. Organize Your … [Read more...]

Must-Have Apps for Dog Owners

Being a dog owner surely is a big responsibility, but we all know how fun it is as well. And by using a smartphone you can make spending time with your dog even more interesting. It is safe to say that there is an app for absolutely everything today. This means that there are also many of these that have been specifically designed to be used by dog owners. And with so many apps available, choosing the best ones is never an easy task. We made a list of 5 apps that might just be what you need. Keep reading to find out more about them. Image sent by author DoggyDatez DoggyDatez is an … [Read more...]

Seeking Top Speeds: How to Compare Your Local Internet Options

In order to compare internet providers, the first step would be to examine what each provider has to offer that differs from the competition. The three main concerns of customer are reliability, speed, and cost. Doing your research before deciding on a service is imperative. Reinvent what fast internet means to you and at what cost. Image sent by author Figure out What Features Mean the Most Think long and hard about what specifics you're looking for in an internet provider. Is it a deal breaker if they don't offer a landline option? Are you looking for an all-around package and … [Read more...]

Modular Data Centers: The Environmental Benefits

We can wrap our minds around the concept of data centers fairly easily – they are facilities used to run computer systems, equipped with backup power supplies and environmental controls such as air conditioning and fire suppression. Modular data centers can still be viewed as a novel idea. The easiest way to define them is as portable data centers. Their advantage lies in the fact that they can be placed anywhere they are needed. This fact alone makes them quite useful, but modular data centers also have environmental benefits. Images sent by author It’s just common sense It’s … [Read more...]

TOTALLEE Thin Leather iPhone 7 Plus Case Review

The TOTALLEE thin leather iPhone 7 Plus case is a ultra thin case. In fact it is one of the thinnest phone's cases I ever seen. Image source totalleecase.com It is cut to fit the phone perfectly and allow the user easy access to all the ports and phone's functions as a it should. I like the fact that it is not slippery and I can hold it firmly in my hand. The case provides easy access to the charging and headset ports and near the phone's speakers it is cut to allow the sound to pass thru. Form a design perspective this case is minimalist. It is a simple, thin case which … [Read more...]

Techy Home: 3 Affordable & Modern Tech Amenities Your Home Is Lacking

As technology continues to come into our homes and impact our lives, people have to keep up. If you don't look at upgrading every now and again, your home is eventually going to fall behind. New tech can be more than just fun - it can save you significant amounts of money and time as you go about your day, or have your back if you're being particularly forgetful. If you don't have or haven't thought of getting any of these three affordable and modern tech amenities, your home might very well be lacking. Image sent by author 1. A Smart Speaker Home smart speakers are rapidly … [Read more...]

High-Tech Clinics: 5 Gadgets You Need to Better Treat Your Patients

Every healthcare professional's primary goal is to care for their patients. A dedicated provider must keep an open mind and search out new technology. Every single day researchers form every corner of the globe come closer to a procedure or invention that has the potential to change the world. What follows is a look at a few exciting products that can help you treat your patients today. These technologies can have a real, positive impact on your patient's satisfaction. Image source Pixabay Portable Ultrasound Machine Pregnant women and their children are among the most vulnerable … [Read more...]